It has already been more than a year that i have updated my portfolio and i was so eager to finally update it! Well, it took me only 5 months hah and it has been quite the ride! The website has been ready and live for about a month now while we were figuring out some stuff with Cargo.

I absolutely loved building the new template and felt like it was a good time for a small rebrand, closer to the warmer tones i so love since late last year. So was next as soon as the portfolio was officially live and i updated some things here and there – mostly the colors to match my cargo website. These days i’m updating also all my brand’s assets (brand guides, project guides, welcome kits etc) to match the overall mood.

It has never felt so good to have a mini facelift like this one. This warmth feels good to my soul. And we have big plans for after the summer with the Cocorrina  4.0 in the worlds. It’s going to be grand, epic and like nothing else you’ve ever seen. I promise you that!

The New Moon illustration was a very quick graphic i did in like 20 minutes. It just felt nice to do something different for a change. Not to mention i love all these Matisse faces on jewellery and prints these days.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of the behind the scenes on my stories (that i so adore sharing) of this painting. It’s almost 3 years since i painted our blue bedroom painting, and I’ve been over it the past two years already. It was so exciting to finally create something new and at such a large scale. So last week, i took about an hour for myself to just put on a white shirt and make a big mess in our studio. Too much fun.

The concept behind this one was to create some sort of a milky way / galaxy, or even perhaps an aerial photo of a very cute Mars. This picture, is only a shot of 1/10 of the painting. And although i can’t say i love all the parts of it, overall it gives me the mood that i so adore. Warm tones, movement and a big of magic (with gold and bronze touches).

To be quite frank, i had to filter this shot in order to bring out some colors from my iPhone capture. In real life, the red is a nice rusty colour, so it’s not as aggressive as it looks here. But for the sake of the post, i loved this drama. Will be sharing the final result on Insta as we hang the canvas this week. It only took 3 days to dry!!

Happy Valentine’s everyone! I received my 3 red roses from my boys this morning with a dedication to “our favourite mom” and it sorta melted my heart. It still feels massive that i get to be a mom and that i know have two valentine boys. We hardly ever celebrate this day around here, but i feel like today should be celebrating love of all kinds. Love yourself, love your friend, your boyfriend, your cat, your art.

Love is always the answer. So i’m sending lots and lots of love to each and every one of you. May today be a special day, filled with love to yourself and others.

Well i guess i’m sealing the deal with a second constellation totem. I won’t promise i’ll make these monthly, because we all know mom life kicks ass sometimes, but i surely want to!

This month is to all the little fish just like me. Sensitive, imaginative, compassionate, artistic, intuitive and gentle. Oh i just love being a pisces! Always have and always will.

This totem is slightly different than all my previous ones. I really wanted to try something more cosmic and vintage. I’ve been pinning all these astronomical scans from a few centuries ago on my Witch board and i guess i was slightly influenced by them. I run into a pastel blue a little earlier this morning and thought i’d try the colour palette.

Can’t wait for next month already!

Everyone i know around me, creatives, designers, illustrators, friends are either pregnant or just had a baby. I’ve already talked about how inspiring the whole pregnancy was in previous posts, but also how difficult it was and what a tough period in my life. Looking back at these 9 months now i wish i could somehow go back in time  and relieve for just a few minutes feeling Jason in my belly. Thinking about it today, i realised how you do become a mother the moment you get pregnant and give birth. But you feel like a mother more and more as the day pass by.

I stalk so many wonderful mothers over on Instagram but lately i feel very inspired by the Mother Muse magazine. Although i’m still figuring out this whole new mom – creative and ambitious life i’m living, nothing gives me more strength than seeing all these incredibly strong women that kick ass every day.

As for the story of this artwork – oh it’s one of my favourites. I almost dreamt of this concept. Thought of all the paper i had in my drawers and started cutting different shapes and scanning collages. I also did a live video for the process on my Instagram that is still live for you to see. I love going outside the digital routine more and more these days and actually creating artworks with my hands.

The month of love, the month that i turn 29 and last month of winter. So much think, feel and be grateful for. I usually get a little depressed or sad around my birthday. Mostly because i always feel like i’m 14. I’m goofy and energetic and silly most of the time and growing older just doesn’t feel right sometimes.

This year i can’t say i feel the same about my birthday. On the contrary i feel more like myself, exactly where i should be, growing older and wiser with our little one. There’s only love in this month and celebration of all the people we love, our families, friends and all the little and big things that make us happy.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably saw that my mini ass kicker (the Sony RX100V) already arrived and it’s making me fall over again with photography. It’s been a week and a half and as expected, we haven’t had a chance to play with it, or even ready the manual (as i always love to do so).

So yesterday i took her for a spin and took some test shoots of my rocks on the light. I call it a “rock study”, although really it’s me being fascinated with how powerful this little gem is. It’s going to make my life so much easier having zero weight on my hands and just wearing it as an accessory anywhere i go. I took way too many lovely shots, so i’ll be splitting them in two. This one, is dedicate for my & the months gem – Amethyst.

As an update to the new shop, ooh we’re gearing up alright! The team is in full force, sketching, brainstorming, researching and i have a list of ideas that just makes me wanna cry happy tears just thinking about them. My goal is to bring back all the magic that defined me when i was younger. And that just feels so right. You can follow my new Insta account @cocorrinaco for more updates on the process & secret inspiration for all the new things we’re working on.