Lots of warm wishes to all of you! I’m feeling so fuzzy and warm this year, grateful for my family and everything we have. Complaining for the may be easy, but no-one can deny that we had great moments and beautiful memories right? Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.

Just like everyone else, i love giving gifts during the holidays, and even more writing note cards with wishes for friends and loved ones. Which is why, i created a set for you that you can download and print. I used a high quality thick paper for mine, and as the front and back side pdfs are aligned all you need to do is print on the same page back and front. Super easy!

At first i wanted to add some watercolour strokes i painted but i liked the simplicity of the cards just like they were. So you’ll find them as wallpaper. Because pink is darn cute and cheerful! Enjoy!

It feels like ages since i took some time off, when it was actually a little over a month ago. I do love my job, but boy vacation is always needed and so good for the soul don’t you think?

Today was my last day working and on Monday we’re leaving to spend the holidays with our family and do some baby shopping (eek!). The nursery is freshly painted but empty. We only got an armchair that we’re secretly using in our living room because it’s so comfy and we don’t want to let it go. So much stuff to buy, it’s insane how many things a baby needs! I will be sharing with you in the next weeks our plans for the nursery. All i’ll say for now is that it will be my design project ever.

This weekend, i’ll be working on holiday posts and intend to fill you with printable cards, wallpapers and all kinds of things to download for the next couple of weeks. I’ve had so many ideas for so many weeks now, so i’ll make a weekend for my own personal creative retreat.

Hope you’re all staying warm, cozy and festive and getting ready to enjoy some beautiful holidays!

It’s such a relief that i made it right on time (although as always fashionably late). As always, i was racing with time to get these printed for the shop and epically failed! Spent hours and hours finalising the 2017 Calendar and i have to admit i feel this one is my favourite of all years! The concept was to create 4 line art / totem artworks for each season. I’m getting mine framed and cannot wait to change them every season, it’s going to be a seasonal decoration update by itself don’t you think?

I’ve created two versions for you – ready for printing. One with colour as you see it on the pictures, and one in black and white. You can either print it in black and white, or if you’ve got a printer friend, they can print it on coloured paper with gold ink – as it was always meant to be.

Here’s to a much more positive and full of brilliant moments 2017!

Download here

2017 Calendar in Colour

2017 Calendar in Black & White


Play nice and don’t forget: The 2017 Line Art Calendar is meant for personal use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. For any questions, feel free to contact me.









I don’t know about you, but a lot of my favourite Christmas memories always include delicious festive drinks. Cinnamon, orange and apple and the warm feeling in your belly. I started these illustrated recipes a few years ago, so i could share my favourite, easiest ones i would find around the web. This year, i’m back in the game and excited to illustrate some delicious looking ones!

Now with the pregnancy however, the closest i’m getting to alcohol is by drinking nonalcoholic beer – which i’m starting to hate already. So i might illustrate i a few nonalcoholic ones for those who don’t drink alcohol!

– Hedgerow Royal – Original recipe by Good Food

Happiest December 1st dear friends! Let the cosiest and most cheerful month begin. We already have our Christmas tree up for a whole month now (sorry not sorry) but as of yesterday the temperature dropped to 4 degrees (that’s 39 in F) and we had officially our first snow up on the mountain. That means that we can officially start listening to Christmas music, lighting up more candles and watching Christmas movies. Polar Express, i’m looking at you!

This little gif is slightly different from what i usually do. But i woke up dreaming snow outside our window, Christmas lights and dark mystical wallpapers. And this, is as close as i can get to what i imagined!

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful start to the Holiday Season!