Happy *second day of Spring! We’ve waited it for long and now it’s finally here!

I truly hope the weather were you are is nice and warm. I can’t quite say the same for us here, but at least we’re not freezing and it’s not snowing. Of course, i couldn’t do first day of Spring without a floral post and here is quite literally the first poppy in our mountain. And i’m pretty sure that this is the first as J and i walked quite the distance this morning and saw only this one.

So here you go, our first poppy just for you, forever preserved in your screen. You can download a higher resolution for your wallpapers here.

Here’s to a wonderful beginning of the sunny season!

I’ve been always fascinated with crystals, ever since i was very little. The one i always overlooked however, where the salt crystals. That changed when we first got to the island and i started finding them on the beaches. We now have a small collection of them in our office and i got to photoshoot them the other day on a warm afternoon.

Jason has a salt rock lamp in his bedroom as well and we enjoy the warm light. Salt crystals have so many healing powers and i just love reading more and more about them. Amongst many, they cleanse the air, reduce allergies and help you get better sleep. Well, good thing we have plenty of them hanging around the house.

These past months i’m connecting with many creatives, moms and artists over at instagram. With two accounts now i feel like i live a double life. One of the mom and one of the dark, mysterious, artist. The Cocorrina account allows me to follow all the brands & personalities  that i love for their ethics and aesthetics and it’s so refreshing to login in there regularly.

What i’ve come to notice is that a lot of people don’t have the time to be creative or inspired anymore as i get a lot of messages and emails praising me for finding the time to do all that with a baby. One person i need to give a shoutout is my husband. None of it would be possible if he wasn’t here to support me and give me time and freedom to express myself the way i do today. I’m so in love with the way that we live and how things have worked out for us. Stressful and tiring yes, but everything we ever wanted. And don’t be fooled, we’re restless. Everyday, we pursue different dreams and scheme more plans for the future and the lifestyle we want to follow.

More and more the nature is calling us and who knows where the next two years find us.

What i really wanted to share with you on this fine Monday is that no matter the obstacles, you only have one life to live. Live it the way you want, don’t be afraid for drastic changes – i’ve never heard anyone regret them. If you’re not happy with the life you live, change it.

Women are fighters. Women are strong, and gentle and caring. They’re creators of life, they’re mothers and strong. They’re passionate and will overcome every obstacle. This year, i’m proud to be a woman and even more now that i’m a mom. I can’t wait to teach our little guy to love and respect women, to treat them with kindness like everything else on our planet.

Happy Women’s day lovely ladies! My heart sends love to you all.

It is such a warm week this one! The birds are singing, the sun is at its warmest, we barely wear any jackets and all i can think of is digging my feet in the warm sand already. Please summer, hurry up we so desperately need you!

This graphic has its own story today. The eucalyptus branch from my Valentine’s bouquet (the one that my two lovely guys surprised me with). It’s dried and sits proudly on my desk. I was really eager to scan it of course and it just looks divine! The scanner is dirty and filled with creativity, love and some blue paint from a watercoloring pattern i’m creating for a branding project for the incredible Swell Press (you seriously need to check out Britt’s instagram)

Lastly, this divine quote that makes me tear up from Charlie Hope’s album World of Dreams. We put it on every evening once we start Jason’s nighttime routine. I love every song, and Jason already recognises them as well. We’ve been listening to this one ever since J was born and i think this one will be sticking with us for a long time. I remember listening to Best Part when Jason was just a month old, breastfeeding him in his bedroom and crying. “The best part of my day, is when i’m with you”

I’m sharing the eucalyptus background as wallpaper today, because it’s both on my desktop and iPhone and i love it. Personal use only 😉

Download here

Happy new week everyone! Here’s a quick one i did this morning while working between custom logos, palm illustrations, scanning flowers and watercoloring waves. I know, it sounds messy but i promise it was a very creative day.

J turned 10 months this week -10 months!- and i’m slowly preparing his A second a day for this year. Editing 365 videos will be quite the challenge so i’m starting early. Also, i’ve had so many requests on Instagram to do a Day in the life of Jason on youtube, so this might be next. Jason is a little superstar already and has his astonishing number of followers on my stories.

Hope you have a great week ahead. J is asleep, and I’ll be sipping a glass of nonalcoholic beer (breastfeeding mom) by the fireplace in a few seconds and catching up with the Oscars with the hubs. My start of the week couldn’t be more idyllic.

If flowers in water are not romantic then i don’t know what is! That’s the first thing i thought when i started working with Lauren from Sweet Mūn and decided at some point i would fill my tub with flowers and colour the water pink. And so i did as soon as we finished her logos and it was the prettiest my bath ever looked. You may have caught some of that action on my Instagram stories a few months ago.

I was so eager to share this project with you, that i haven’t even included all the different logos we did for her. You already know me, so this brand identity project has everything i absolutely adore. Metallics, astral references, hands, line art and flowers. Sweet Mūn stands for honeymoon, so we really wanted to go romantic and mellow with this one. The sweet moon icon, with the drop for sweet and circle for the moon is one of my favourites for some time now. So simple and yet brilliant (i’m so modest i know).

The primary logo was a custom font i created just for the brand and i simply adore it as well! It will take me some time to get over how much i love everything on this project and i’m really sad to see Lauren go!! On to some exciting projects however, can’t wait to share the rest with you.