Hope you all enjoyed an extraordinary new year’s weekend and ready for a seriously awesome new year! We’ve got so much to wait for in this one. As days go by, we cannot wait to meet our little one in May, i already find myself thinking how summer and life here will be with a little baby. You know, seven was always my favourite number -it’s a lucky one after all right?- So i do have a good feeling for this year!

I’ve prepared two super minimal January wallpapers for you. Was aiming for a calendar feel, with some texture and decayed gold. You can download the two versions right below. The first one, i’ve already had for a few days, it kinda feels nice to have this calendar as a reminder for the very first month of the year.

January Wallpaper with lines

1920×1080 | 2880×1800

January Wallpaper with circles

1920×1080 | 2880×1800

Happy 2017 dear friends!! Stepping by quickly to wish you all the best for a wonderful brand new start! First day and i dare to say it feels amazing! We spent our morning spreading glitter while making this little gif and still cannot take it off. Now that’s a glittery start right?


New Year’s Eve, was probably one of the best yet! Happiness, love and our friends surrounded us. A delicious meal, a little bit of wine, conversations and game. And the best of all, a little baby kicking in my belly reminding us that we weren’t alone! My heart is full, and i truly hope you’re feeling the positivity in the air for 2017!

Giving a tight hug and letting 2016 go is a lot easier than other years! I’m ready for this new one to come and have been for a long long time! We’re back from our trip to our families and we’ll be spending the new year’s probably at home with our good friends. Simple, warm and cozy. Just like i want it. May the new year finds us all happier and more inspired. Even if you’re going through hard times this time around, may 2017 bring you everything you wish and so much more.

I’ve illustrated two ladies for your desktops, looking exactly how i would like to look if i attended a fancy new year’s eve party. I’m kinda obsessed with that polka dot lace choker and with the star freckles!

Happy new year dear friends!


Download  here

New Year Babe Lace Choker

1920×1080 | 2880×1880

New Year Babe Black Chocker

1920×1080 | 2880×1880

It’s been ages since i last had the time to gather greenery and scan, to turn them into patterns. As we take our daily “pregnancy” walk with the husband and the pup, i’ve noticed how much greener it has gotten in the winter. I just love the fact that even though it’s so cold, nature has the most beautiful colours these days. So one of these days, i spotted this tiny little plant that its branches is not longer than 5cm long. Too adorable right?

While i started doing my usual “snowflake” botanical pattern, i thought i should experiment with something new – now that the new year is just around the corner! So instead, i went a little crazy and cut my snowflake pattern to Rorschach style design. Really loving how it turned out, can can’t wait to try it out with some flowers!


Here’s the wallpaper to add a touch of green on your desktops

1920×1080 | 2880×1800

The new year feels like it’s going to be so different in so many ways! Last year, i didn’t really have the time (or mind) to sit down and think about my resolutions and all the things i wanted to change, so i can’t tell if i achieved everything i wanted. What 2016 feels a lot like, is a big blur.

With just a few days left, i’ve sat down and really thought about all the things i want to change, correct and be better at. Most of those i epically failed, like slowing down and focusing on what matters most. The “Essentialist” book i’m reading this month, has opened my eyes in so many ways and made so much clearer that the one thing that will make me a happier person is to focus on the things that matter. Definitely not the easiest task, as i love doing lots of things and sadly some times tend to do way more than i can afford / spare.

I’m set on making ’17, a happy, cheerful, fulfilling and successful year. You know, one of those where you feel you’ve achieved everything you wanted, put your life in order and figured it all out. This is exactly what i’m wishing to all of you! There’s no better feeling that personal growth and finding yourself in a better place every year.


What are your most important things in your resolution list? Would love to hear, and maybe adding a few more in my own!

Hi, y’all! I’m Gabi and I’m the blogger over at By Gabriella, a space where I like to share entertaining tips, DIY projects, and most importantly – tasty cocktail recipes. You can imagine my excitement when Corina asked me to contribute to her blog, it essentially resulted in me jumping around with actual joy. Really, though. Well, now that you’ve heard enough about how easily I get excited, let’s get to the good part. The boozy part.

There’s nothing more magical to me than a cold snowy day, cozied up at home devouring a new book – or perhaps even watching a holiday movie. Those movies never get old, especially the ‘bad’ ones. You know what I’m talking about, those scrumptiously terrible Hallmark and Lifetime movies that all end the exact same way. Though, I still love them. It’s the cozy winter vibes and decked halls that make Boston’s frigid winter so tolerable.

Now, take that perfect cozy day, and add a tasty winter cocktail. It’s somehow even better. Is there a word for better than perfect? Whether or not that exists, this bourbon cocktail does and it’s my new favorite wintery drink. I’ve recently become much more of a bourbon fan than I ever thought I could or would be. I find myself gravitating to the bourbon cocktails on menus when we’re dining out, or electing to make cocktails featuring bourbon for friends when we’re hosting them right here in our home.





3 parts bourbon

1 part maple syrup

1 cinnamon stick

1 lemon

Sprinkle of cinnamon (for garnish)



Fill glass halfway with ice.

Add bourbon and maple syrup.

Add cinnamon stick.

Slice lemon into rounds.

Garnish with one lemon slice & a sprinkle of cinnamon.




Are you a fan of bourbon or do you tend to avoid it? I started out the latter, and have become the former. I’m constantly experimenting with bourbon and would love to know your favorite way to enjoy the spirit



Have been having so many thoughts on all the things i want to do in the new year lately. Most of all the goals and things i want to achieve. Now adding to the list being a good mother, but rewinding and thinking of all the things i want to avoid in the new one – learn from my mistakes.


The great thing about the year changing is we get to start fresh. Have almost all our mistakes forgotten and promise ourselves we’ll do and be better this year. I do love how refreshing it is and the thought of doing better and setting new goals feels so inspiring don’t you think?