Well, here i am 9 months after giving birth writing this post. 9 MONTHS! How can that be? Our little bubba will turn 9 this week and he’s a whole freaking person right now with an incredible personality, super chatty and super laughable and funny. If you can believe it, he’s quite the clown and i swear that he tries to make us laugh all the time – although that’s not too hard. Making him laugh is not difficult either.

I wake up every single morning thinking that he’s too perfect to be mine. As i’m writing this post from his nursery, he’s on the floor playing with his toys, looks at me, waves, laughs and shows me how awesome his music toys are. I mean, if that’s not to melt one mom’s heart, then what is?

He hates food.. still! We are a little worried that he’ll never like food, but we have to hope for the better. He’s just not really into anything that is not milk.

He already…


Repeats every single thing that we do. He waves at us and everything that he likes (whether that’s a tree or a painting), he laughs on demand, dances when we dance. He also started giving things straight to my hand when i ask him to and these days i’m trying to teach him to do a fist bump.

Has really strong legs and no patience to crawl. He wants to sit or better yet be standing, or even better yet to be walking every second that he’s awake. I am a little anxious that he hates tummy time and won’t sit up on his own, but i’ll just let the kid be and do whatever he feels like doing these days. Whenever he’s ready, he’s gonna be moving all around the house, i don’t doubt that.

Communicates like a pro. He loves being around people, loves being outdoors even more. We feel like he understands every thing we tell him and his eyes are full of knowledge. It’s like he’s a grown up person in a tiny body, and i’m sure that he is and that’s how we treat him. We just love being all together with each others company.

He already…


Pulls himself up on his feet wherever you leave him sitting. It’s a sight i don’t think i’ll ever get used to. He becomes more mobile by the day, and here i am having a hard time letting him go as i’m so used to hugging him and carrying him around. Now i can totally relate with all the mom posts i had been reading here and there.. Time truly fly when you have a little one.

He already says mamamamama and dadadadada although i’m pretty sure there’s no relation to us. We do encourage him by repeating after him and cheer like crazy, and that some times catches him by surprise. He talks on his own lanuage all day long, sometimes whispers crazy voodoo stuff to his toys, blows raspberries and even yells at us. You may have caught some of that action on my instagram stories – he’s just hilarious.

Oh man. Next thing you’ll know i’ll be posting his 5 year old update here..

*signs off sobbing and holding on for dear life on Jason*

I’m so excited to finally do a giveaway, it has been a long long time!  We’ve been thinking to give away a useful tool for designers on Courses for quite some time now and the tablet seems like a perfect fit! My favourite design tool – the one i couldn’t leave without. I’ve owned a Wacom tablet for many years now and if you don’t have one, i’m sure you’ll love all the new skills you’ll get with it. So grand prize is an Intuos Art Wacom tablet (in medium – black), and secondary prizes are 3 Hand Lettering courses to 3 lucky designers!

How to enter:

To enter, all you have to do is share this graphic in your preferred social media and tag me! Instagram, instagram stories, twitter, pinterest and facebook. We’ll collect all the entries on a list, and pick a winner in 10 days from today (on the 29th of January). This giveaway is open worldwide!

See below for more information on all the possible ways you can enter the giveaway!

Good luck everyone!

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I’ve been dying to share this project with you from the moment i started working with Joy on her brand plan and moodpboard back in June. She came to me with the most magical vision for her brand and i was inspired instantly. It wasn’t very difficult, after all her work will make you think of the fairytale wedding you always dreamt of.

Joy pushed me with the best possible way to get creative and achieve that luxurious, dreamy, elegant, ethereal, and romantic vibe. After all, we were inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The monogram took hours to sketch on paper and then scan, illustrate and then print and back at it again a few times to correct details. Then, the magnolia pattern was digitally illustrated – i will be sharing a how to video on my youtube channel very soon.

Joy and i worked on her new website as well that is in the works and i will be sharing it as well once it’s ready. Imagine all these lovely tones, gold touches and magnolias, so much love for this project!

Now if you thought you’ve seen the prettiest wedding shoes, let me kindly tell you you haven’t. Joy collaborated with Belle Belle and they created 3 stunning designs. You can head over to her website to see more and watch that magical film created by Josh Gooden and be swept off your feet. Now let me just sit here and admire the monogram on the front of the shoe..

Laura Gordon Photography

So this story, has been in the process for many months now. When you’ve spent quite the investment on your gear, you wouldn’t imagine throwing it all away and downgrade to a simple compact camera, would you? Well, i did and here’s why.

Two years ago, we bought a Nikon D7200 with a standard 18-140mm and an extra lens AF-S MICRO 60mm f/2.8G ED. Everything worked like pure magic, and it was everything i ever wanted from a camera. At first i would take the whole camera bag with me everywhere we went although it felt like carrying a small luggage. Quickly though, i got tired of the weight and not being able to “catch the moment”. I started using it less and less and in the end it ended up staying in our closet for months.

And with that i lost my interest in photography or more accurately, started relying on the iPhone’s camera. I don’t quite remember when i learnt how good compact cameras have gotten. But after a quick research, i had concluded that i needed a Sony RX100 V. What really got me, was a review i read that said, that it sparkled their inspiration for photography once again – being so easy to carry around and use. And that was exactly what i needed!

This little baby is on its way any day now, and i’m so ready to start using it. Getting rid of the massive and heavy dslr, somehow i feel like this huge weight has lifted off my shoulders and i’m back into capturing, exploring and documenting every moment.


A few words about this artwork:

I know, it’s not what i usually do around here. In some abstract way, you’re seeing a camera there.. well with some imagination at least 🙂 I haven’t shared about my creative rituals a lot, so here it goes. These days, you’ll find me painting on canvases with acrylics and messing around with colors. I’ve been so inspired by nature and aerial photos. Earth is such a beauty. The circle right there is a piece of one of my artworks. You might have spotted the process on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago.

There will be more coming in the future i bet, and who knows, maybe this evolves into something other than canvas. Speaking of canvas though, Theo brought me a huge one for our bedroom today. Remember the blue one i had painted three years ago? Well, i’m ready to get rid of it and replace it with an aerial / Mars inspired landscape with some blush and bronze. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Well, hello 2018! To say that 2017 flew by is an understatement. But then again giving birth in April, feels like it has been ages ago. Today, is my first day back in the office, after a very needed holiday vacation. It was also the first time *ever* that i didn’t schedule posts. It felt quite stressful not to, but it just had to happen.

More than any other year, this vacation was absolutely the very best. Although tired (almost all the time), it felt so warm and homey. Jason turned out to be a quite outgoing baby, loving every single interaction, hugs and being always surrounded by people.

Don’t you just love the first days of the year? Feeling fresh and new and ready for changes. I almost cut my hair into a very short bob just the other day -completely taken away by the fresh and new mood these days. But i do have some new year’s resolutions that i’ve already eagerly applied to my every day routine. Create more, be more organised and simply.. do more.

Now that we’re no longer new parents, it’s time to set the excuses aside and become the super mom i always dreamt to be. I can do everything and anything.

Hope you started off the year on the right foot!

— ps. custom typeface by me

I know i haven’t been the best with posting this year – and for a good reason! But there’s no way i wouldn’t post a 2018 calendar. It’s our little tradition for so many years now. This year, i thought i’d try the circle calendar version and boy did i love the challenge. Surprisingly, it was the easiest to design as well. I’ve already sent mine to print in an A3 size on black paper with gold foil of course.

The format is super easy too. Once you reach to a point you can’t read the dates, you can flip the print and voila!

I’m sharing the pdf files with you, that you can use the same as well. Print on any type of paper you want, any color and any foil. Oh, the combinations you can create! Hope this year brings the best with its arrival, we surely need a good year!

download here


Preferably print in A3 size in order to make sure that everything is readable. The file is in A3 format. Everything is vector, so feel free to give it to a printer for foiling and your choice of paper. For your own printer, i’ve created two versions black and gold.

Black Version / Gold Version


* Personal use only guys, thanks!