These days, i wonder why it has taken so long to discover a way to create what’s been inside me for many years. For as long as i can remember myself, i’ve been inspired by anything magical, sparkly, supernatural, out of this world. I was 10 years old, walking to school with my nose stuck inside Harry Potter not looking where i went. During class, the book was always open, eager to be a part of that magical world and not the boring reality.

I always dreamt of something more, that magic was real and that if i found a way to make it part of my life i would feel special, complete. Daydreaming, more books and movies and i was always starring in supernatural adventures in mind. Starting the cocorrina account earlier this year, has opened the door to a whole new creative universe. But what’s more, is all the incredible people iv’e and the chance to connect with. Incredible people that believe in magic as well, are inspired by the universe and see how golden our energy is. To each and every one of you following along, i absolutely adore you and thank you for being part of this universe i’m creating.

Now, not only i have my own magical corner in this world, but so many plans to bring this magic to you as well. Many designers aspire to be teachers, do podcasts, create organisations, empower women. All of which i admire so much. Me? I just want to create magic. Whether that’s through the brand identities i design, the stories i get to tell, the people i connect with and now this little shop we’re preparing.

I know i’ve been teasing a lot on the grid and stories, and for now that’s all i’ll be doing. You see, i started this account just for inspiration and you’re catching all the ideas -i literally saw in my dreams- at the very beginning of their creation. While i wanted to create just one thing only for the shop, i find myself wanting so. much. more. I feel like all these ideas are going to burst and there’s only one way to stay sane… to bring them all to life. There’s something so fulfilling to see what you’ve had in mind take shape and becoming an actual thing. So this is what we’ve been making.

Magical little bottles, full of potions, art and more magic. I wish there were ways to tell you without spoiling or revealing anything, but i’ll just stop here and say i’ve never felt more inspired in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful ladies. Today was very simple but so special filled with laughter, happiness and all these cute little moments in between. I originally wanted to illustrate a pregnant figure (because i just love how beautiful our bodies become during pregnancy) but then it hit me. We are all mothers one way or the other, pregnant or not. So many different stories full of love. Yes, happy mother’s day to you cat mamas too!

I did this project a few weeks ago and had a little too much fun with the concept and props. I loved playing with the shadows and the reflection from the shell. Mother of pearl can’t look any better when the sunset rays hit it. This photoshoot is to symbolise females blooming, being confident and loving yourself. There are a lot more symbolisms but i’ll leave it to you to discover.

It’s a rare occasion that i shoot still life, but this one was really fun. Art direction and photo shooting is something i’ll definitely probably do more.

If you’re into astronomical maps, planets and manuscripts, there’s no way you won’t be obsessed with the Flemish astronomical graphics. There’s something so alluring in a universe map as it was seen and drawn so many years ago. It even looks more magical and mystical and as a designer i truly adore the details, colors and element positioning. There’s such a natural flow in them, artistic but educational at the same time.

So kinda wanted to give it a shot and recreate something with my own style with some Flemish astronomy dose to it. This is nowhere close to a real astronomy map, but it’s a gif that took me so much math to create (a lot more than i thought i knew). I created it in about an hour, and it’s a mixed media piece with watercolour on paper and the edited in Photoshop where i also did the animation on.

I bet you anything you’ve never seen a more cheerful branding -at least by me- than this one! Marigold is founded by two incredible ladies driven by their love for coffee, rituals and flowers. I was so honoured to join in and bring to life their vision. They really were the easiest to work with and gave me absolute freedom. So what you see here is a result of lots of love and creativity.

For the brand, i created a custom font for Marigold along with a collage artwork and illustrated icon. There are a few hidden symbolisms here and there (as i always love for my works to have a meaning and connection to the brands). The Marigold lady sits in a window, while she enjoys her ritual with coffee and marigold leaves. The hidden symbol is the triangle in her window that’s facing downwards that symbolises the woman.

In the artwork as well, you’ll find hidden bodies, curves, boobs and a few little cute butts along with the marigold branches. It’s all about rituals, being happy and doing what we love. Hope you love it as much as we do!

If i tried to count how many wedding photographers i have designed the brand for, i think they wouldn’t fit my two hands. Every photographer i’ve worked with had different style and aesthetics, a unique story to share. We wanted to show the personal moments that Adonis is part of, the trusting and welcoming mood but at the same time, with a timeless, luxurious and elegant aesthetic.

There are subtle art deco touches and a tropical feel, blue and pistachio, antique gold and light grey base.

The primary logo is a custom font i created for Adonis, and we did a version just for his name alone. You know i love a good typography play so this one was a real treat for me! We also did a matching pattern bringing in the lines and art deco inspiration.

Can’t wait to share with you the website version we also did!