Have been dying to share this project with you for so many months now! This new passion i discovered with patterns last year, is turning me into a complete pattern freak! So when Melissa from Gallivant State contacted me about creating a set of patterns for her new brand, i said yes without thinking twice!

Battuta Shortboard Bag in Jewel Cream

Battuta Longboard Bag in Mimosa Blue
Battuta Longboard Bag in Mimosa Blue


The Drifter Collection i collaborated with Gallivant State was inspired by traditional tiles. I am so drawn to those, you know i am! I did some researching and wanted to create a combination of traditional designs with a pop of color. You’ll find Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese influences.

It’s a whole different thing seeing your pattern on illustrator, and then on actual fabric. There’s no better feeling than that! Love the attention to quality, with the leather details both in Surf Bags and Tote Bags (how cute are those?!)


Battuta Tote Bag in Jewel Cream


When we’re talking about classics and timeless, black and gold is totally it. You know me, this combination has been simply my favourite for the past years now, and when Marie-Claire mentioned that she was looking for that combo from the very beginning, i jumped in right away!

Don’t want to brag, but this must be my very favourite brand identity till date. The elegant gingko leaf, the playing with the x’s for Xpert and the double E’s on the monogram are my favourite parts. We’re working on the website at the moment, but i was just to eager to share this one with you guys!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂