A few months ago i had the amazing luck to work with the awesomeness Camille once again on her new brand Allume. We did some exciting things together such  her branding, packaging, the cannabis leaf print for her wrapping paper, the magical bud icon that she turned into a pin and lighter case. She also launched her new podcast and although i’m not into cannabis myself i absolutely adore the collection she has curated in her shop. She’s one very stylish lady.

We also did her website that was so fun to work on. Last but not least, her custom font logo. I don’t think i’ll ever buy fonts for logos again, creating them is much more fun!

All gorgeous photography is by Vee Mercier of High Love Club.

If flowers in water are not romantic then i don’t know what is! That’s the first thing i thought when i started working with Lauren from Sweet Mūn and decided at some point i would fill my tub with flowers and colour the water pink. And so i did as soon as we finished her logos and it was the prettiest my bath ever looked. You may have caught some of that action on my Instagram stories a few months ago.

I was so eager to share this project with you, that i haven’t even included all the different logos we did for her. You already know me, so this brand identity project has everything i absolutely adore. Metallics, astral references, hands, line art and flowers. Sweet Mūn stands for honeymoon, so we really wanted to go romantic and mellow with this one. The sweet moon icon, with the drop for sweet and circle for the moon is one of my favourites for some time now. So simple and yet brilliant (i’m so modest i know).

The primary logo was a custom font i created just for the brand and i simply adore it as well! It will take me some time to get over how much i love everything on this project and i’m really sad to see Lauren go!! On to some exciting projects however, can’t wait to share the rest with you.

I’ve been dying to share this project with you from the moment i started working with Joy on her brand plan and moodpboard back in June. She came to me with the most magical vision for her brand and i was inspired instantly. It wasn’t very difficult, after all her work will make you think of the fairytale wedding you always dreamt of.

Joy pushed me with the best possible way to get creative and achieve that luxurious, dreamy, elegant, ethereal, and romantic vibe. After all, we were inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The monogram took hours to sketch on paper and then scan, illustrate and then print and back at it again a few times to correct details. Then, the magnolia pattern was digitally illustrated – i will be sharing a how to video on my youtube channel very soon.

Joy and i worked on her new website as well that is in the works and i will be sharing it as well once it’s ready. Imagine all these lovely tones, gold touches and magnolias, so much love for this project!

Now if you thought you’ve seen the prettiest wedding shoes, let me kindly tell you you haven’t. Joy collaborated with Belle Belle and they created 3 stunning designs. You can head over to her website to see more and watch that magical film created by Josh Gooden and be swept off your feet. Now let me just sit here and admire the monogram on the front of the shoe..

Laura Gordon Photography

Oh how i love working with so many different and unique people. Each of them has a different story to say and i always get so inspired by them and excited to share their voice through their brand. Jessica is a doula and had the most beautiful and inspiring story to share with me. She knew what she wanted and what would fit her brand and i was really lucky to help her with that journey.

We strongest brand keywords were, whimsical, magical, comfortable with a bit of 70’s vibes. Jessica had this concept of the baby inside the egg that we brought to life in the icon. The primary font for the logo was created customary by me and of course i was eager to illustrate some flowers for the whimsical part of it.

I haven’t shared with you most of the rebrands i’ve worked in the past year and the list is growing bigger and bigger! I’ll be working in the next months updating my portfolio and share more and more of the exciting projects i’ve worked on. Be prepared for lots of different styles and moods!

You may have noticed that i share a lot less of the process lately in my new branding works. That is mostly because our brand plan always hits the spot and we get the logos straight away. So the final logos end up being the ones i proposed originally. Below you will see a few alterations of the final logos, with a small stop to one of my favourites the illustrated baby egg.

I had this concept of life growing from the yolk, translated into flowers and leaves and roots. We needed using a much simpler and edgier version of the logo that fits the brand perfectly. The primary logos are also custom ones below as a second alteration of the brand’s logo.