Well, here i am 9 months after giving birth writing this post. 9 MONTHS! How can that be? Our little bubba will turn 9 this week and he’s a whole freaking person right now with an incredible personality, super chatty and super laughable and funny. If you can believe it, he’s quite the clown and i swear that he tries to make us laugh all the time – although that’s not too hard. Making him laugh is not difficult either.

I wake up every single morning thinking that he’s too perfect to be mine. As i’m writing this post from his nursery, he’s on the floor playing with his toys, looks at me, waves, laughs and shows me how awesome his music toys are. I mean, if that’s not to melt one mom’s heart, then what is?

He hates food.. still! We are a little worried that he’ll never like food, but we have to hope for the better. He’s just not really into anything that is not milk.

He already…


Repeats every single thing that we do. He waves at us and everything that he likes (whether that’s a tree or a painting), he laughs on demand, dances when we dance. He also started giving things straight to my hand when i ask him to and these days i’m trying to teach him to do a fist bump.

Has really strong legs and no patience to crawl. He wants to sit or better yet be standing, or even better yet to be walking every second that he’s awake. I am a little anxious that he hates tummy time and won’t sit up on his own, but i’ll just let the kid be and do whatever he feels like doing these days. Whenever he’s ready, he’s gonna be moving all around the house, i don’t doubt that.

Communicates like a pro. He loves being around people, loves being outdoors even more. We feel like he understands every thing we tell him and his eyes are full of knowledge. It’s like he’s a grown up person in a tiny body, and i’m sure that he is and that’s how we treat him. We just love being all together with each others company.

He already…


Pulls himself up on his feet wherever you leave him sitting. It’s a sight i don’t think i’ll ever get used to. He becomes more mobile by the day, and here i am having a hard time letting him go as i’m so used to hugging him and carrying him around. Now i can totally relate with all the mom posts i had been reading here and there.. Time truly fly when you have a little one.

He already says mamamamama and dadadadada although i’m pretty sure there’s no relation to us. We do encourage him by repeating after him and cheer like crazy, and that some times catches him by surprise. He talks on his own lanuage all day long, sometimes whispers crazy voodoo stuff to his toys, blows raspberries and even yells at us. You may have caught some of that action on my instagram stories – he’s just hilarious.

Oh man. Next thing you’ll know i’ll be posting his 5 year old update here..

*signs off sobbing and holding on for dear life on Jason*

My head is full of these Valentine, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Mc Queen tulle embroidered dresses. Don’t you want a few of them? They are truly everything i ever dreamt of. They definitely play a huge part in my totem line art inspiration.

Lately, i’ve been aching for a new ink on my body and i think i might have the one idea that is right for me. Three constellations, Leo, Pisces and Taurus on the back of my arm. I’m not quite sure the style i will design it in, but it’s definitely going to be something magical and mysterious. So here’s i am, starting with my favourite sign Taurus. Jason’s sign

Oh i've waited for so long for this post!! I started designing the invitations quite early, in September actually, because i knew that it would take us forever to actually print and send them. And we still haven't.. oops! So if any of our family and friends are reading this post.. ta da!! You'll soon receive yours.

I'm am SO excited for this event to be quite honest. It's like all my birthdays and Christmases in one. Having everyone we love and care for join us to meet Jason and celebrate him and his name. Naturally, i want this day to be unforgettable and perfect, so i've designed and planned everything till the very last detail.

Will have to do my best not to share everything, but imagine an evening ceremony in July, dinner in candlelights, a naked teepee dressed with leaves, bird cages full of baby’s breath and oh so much more magic. My theme is enchanted forest, so there might be some deer and bunnies here and there. I really wanted to keep everything pure, innocent, magical and woodsy.

These days, i take my camera out only once a month, and that’s for J’s monthly photoshoot. This month i thought i should share it with you, since he looks so grown up compared to his 4mo. My camera is always in hand and everyday i document his life. Really early in the game i discovered the Peekaboo, which i simply adore. So at the end of every day, i sit down and edit J’s photos and upload them all where my family can see him.

Living on the island had only downside and that’s that we don’t get to have our families with us all the time, especially now that Jason is in our lives. Don’t be fooled though, they cannot stay away from us! Which is why we get visitors almost once a month. We’re already looking forward to this winter with him, seeing how he’ll react to a trip to Athens, different environment lots of people and noise, and of course Christmas and the fireplace and snow.

Oh.. don’t get me started! I can day dream all day!

This month


You laugh all day long! You love when daddy kisses your neck and you laugh pretty much at every i do. And trust me, i’m at my goofiest just for you! You are probably teething these days, so suck and bite everything you find, which is what probably makes you a lot more cranky. You’re still sleeping with your mom and you’re still not sleeping well at night nor during the day *you little devil*. You have improved a lot however and love the stroller and the rides in the car, and you even sleep in a lot of times – yay!

You rolled over from your back to your tummy a few days ago, and now you won’t stop. You even wake yourself up rolling over, and i find you puzzled and crying, but oh so adorable.

Jason last month


He was such a cute bubbly little guy! He had just started laughing really loud and we couldn’t stop making him laugh with every chance we got. He really hated being in his stroller or riding the car and would cry sometimes after his bath. He loved standing and sitting and pulling mommy’s hair

Holly cow! Where do i even begin? I don’t think i’ll ever have the vocabulary to fully describe everything that happened the past month.

This little starshine arrived on May 29th, Saturday and made Theo and i parents. I can’t say i was fully prepared for everything i would feel that day. Physically, but mostly emotionally. Lots of tears, lots of happiness and a hell lot of love explosion. As if my heart has doubled in size for his little cute footsies.

I’ve received so many comments, tweets, emails to congratulate us, i can’t thank you enough for keeping us in your minds. Labor was quick and easy – well, as easy as it can be! With no complications, Jason arrived in about 9 hours and we’re inseparable ever since! Theo and i spent most of our days just being a mom and a dad. Breastfeeding, changing lots of diapers and trying to cheat one another on who’s turn is to hold our little baby. Pure bliss!

Haven’t been much around social media or this space, i know! Even writing this post today took more time and effort than i though it would. I fee like, this first month i had this need to log out of everything and fully appreciate every second in our new life, without the destruction of my phone. And it totally paid off! Time went by, so quickly, as we already celebrated his 1st month birthday. But i vividly remember how tiny he was when he arrived in this world, and how he smelled and  the tiny adorable sounds he made.

I’ll be slowly easing back to blogging and social media from now on, with the summer being here and myself being more inspired than ever. Can’t wait to share more about our new little adventures!

I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes, trying to put my thoughts into words but it’s just not going to happen. How can someone describe the feeling that they’re only four weeks away from bring a baby to this world? It feels so big and at the same time so unreal. It’s so unreal that i almost sometimes forget that i’m pregnant and feel that our lives will go on as they are.

Maternity shots are not a thing here – i even had to convince Theo to take a few shots of for that reason. We don’t intend to have a second baby for lots of reasons, and although i could go on with my iPhone shots here and there, i really wanted to look like i didn’t just wake up for once. So i got my hair did and put on some makeup and thank god for the weather i was able to walk barefoot on the sand. Looking at these pictures i feel a little self conscious, but i’ve shared raw and unfiltered posts for the past years, so why stop now?



Honestly, i’m in a great place right now. Pregnancy finally feels like i imagined it to be – happy, glowy and exciting. Most of the day i feel so blessed and special. Jason already shows us his character which makes me silently “aw” the whole time. He loves kicking me on my ribs, he generally loves moving, but thank you little guy for sleeping whenever i sleep. He calms down when daddy puts his hand on my belly and we loves listening to the Harry Potter theme (of course he’s my son). We’ve seen him having his little foot on his ear and we’ve already seen him suck his thumb.


We’re soon leaving our tiny piece of land to spend a month in Athens so we can be close to the hospital just in case. Although i hate being away from home and our furry family, getting ready, doing all the final shopping and being close to family makes this experience even more special. I don’t think i can even imagine how birth is going to feel, but i couldn’t be more lucky having everyone i love with me and most of all having the most loving, caring partner i could ever ask for.





I know i know, i promised months ago to keep you updated on the nursery process, but trust me. It has been a lot more difficult than i thought it would be! For some reason i thought that designing a nursery would be pretty much the same as designing a brand, but i wish someone told me that i was wrong. Overall, i had a very clean idea of what i wanted for the nursery from the moment we found i was pregnant. Clean, bright, woodsy and a bit of folk.

I never got to do a mood board for some reason, until this very moment. All my ideas are stored in pins on a secret board and that was pretty much my virtual mood board. When we first started buying the first furniture, i was so stressed about finishing everything and having the nursery done and ready way before baby arrives. Now, i laugh at myself knowing that it won’t be and i’ll be probably putting the final touches when Jason arrives.

So far, we have all the important things done. Painting the room, put up the shelves, the cot is ready as well as the dresser. For the last one, we used an ikea dresser that works out perfectly after we changed the doorknobs to gold ones. Now all we need is the final touches like artworks, toys, mirrors and decorations.

Overall, the room has a lot of white and wooden elements, gold and bright pops of colour. This lama was my main inspiration for a big part of it 🙂 I never told you the story of how for a whole month we thought i was having a girl did i? Well, a lot of my planning involved a nursery for a baby girl, that turned into a fear of having a too girly nursery for a baby boy.

I guess this mood board was a good start to set up a general guide for our final touches. I know not everyone’s into baby / nursery posts, and i’m really not great at them ahah so the next one will be a photoshoot of the finished room. Crossing my fingers it will turn out as i imagine it!


Deer Hook | Wire Basket | Mirror | Swan Doll

Natural Basket | Rino Hook | Moroccan Rug | Folk Pillow