It is such a warm week this one! The birds are singing, the sun is at its warmest, we barely wear any jackets and all i can think of is digging my feet in the warm sand already. Please summer, hurry up we so desperately need you!

This graphic has its own story today. The eucalyptus branch from my Valentine’s bouquet (the one that my two lovely guys surprised me with). It’s dried and sits proudly on my desk. I was really eager to scan it of course and it just looks divine! The scanner is dirty and filled with creativity, love and some blue paint from a watercoloring pattern i’m creating for a branding project for the incredible Swell Press (you seriously need to check out Britt’s instagram)

Lastly, this divine quote that makes me tear up from Charlie Hope’s album World of Dreams. We put it on every evening once we start Jason’s nighttime routine. I love every song, and Jason already recognises them as well. We’ve been listening to this one ever since J was born and i think this one will be sticking with us for a long time. I remember listening to Best Part when Jason was just a month old, breastfeeding him in his bedroom and crying. “The best part of my day, is when i’m with you”

I’m sharing the eucalyptus background as wallpaper today, because it’s both on my desktop and iPhone and i love it. Personal use only 😉

Download here

A year older today. Twenty – nine and a day to be exact. Yesterday was simple but oh so special. Blowing out the candle i didn’t make a wish. I already have everything i ever wanted. The life as i used to dream, with the most perfect family, and special people in my life, living in the most creative way, doing what i love to do on one of the most beautiful islands. How could i want anything more than that?

This year, i feel content, exactly who i want to be and me more than ever. I know what i want, what i like and what i don’t. I’m strong, inspired by it all and extremely grateful. Many are terrified of the thirties or getting older, but i embrace and welcome every year new year on my body acknowledging how lucky i am to be on this planet.

Although i can’t share my bday cake with you, here are some birthday roses and glitter for your screens. May they make you feel as special as they made me.

I know i haven’t been the best with posting this year – and for a good reason! But there’s no way i wouldn’t post a 2018 calendar. It’s our little tradition for so many years now. This year, i thought i’d try the circle calendar version and boy did i love the challenge. Surprisingly, it was the easiest to design as well. I’ve already sent mine to print in an A3 size on black paper with gold foil of course.

The format is super easy too. Once you reach to a point you can’t read the dates, you can flip the print and voila!

I’m sharing the pdf files with you, that you can use the same as well. Print on any type of paper you want, any color and any foil. Oh, the combinations you can create! Hope this year brings the best with its arrival, we surely need a good year!

download here


Preferably print in A3 size in order to make sure that everything is readable. The file is in A3 format. Everything is vector, so feel free to give it to a printer for foiling and your choice of paper. For your own printer, i’ve created two versions black and gold.

Black Version / Gold Version


* Personal use only guys, thanks! 

Oh hello winter! Colder days are already here. The Christmas tree is up, fire burning in the wood stove and us sitting on the couch working once Jason falls asleep for the night. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I vividly remember how last winter was cold and heavy on me, but experiencing it with the a little guy is so much different!

We saw the first snow on the mountain today and hopefully Jason will see his first snowfall if it doesn’t melt away.

On a sidenote, don’t you just love a moody weather on the beach? It always gets me with these dark clouds contrasting the bright blue waters.

Download the wallpaper here

Gathering the last of the flowers this week, and i’ve been scanning them every night once J falls asleep. It’s such an relaxing project, almost therapeutic. Creating arrangements in the dark and seeing how they show up on my screen. Our garden is full of roses and i can’t wait to create something with the yellow ones (since it’s my favourite colour this year).

The roses are from our garden and the blush / yellow bougainvillea i “stole” from the cutest little house from our walks down at the village.

Thought, some flowers would be nice for this week with all the heavy events that have been happening. Not that i expect they will light up the mood, but at least bring some hope in the horizon.

Don’t know about you, but we’re waking up every day to some really nice and chilly mornings and in the evenings, the air smells a lot like Autumn. This time every year, i get especially inspired but hot coffee and the leaves falling, as i’m pretty sure you all are!

So i quickly illustrated today for the sake of creating something after such a long time. The pink still lives strongly around here, so here’s a wallpaper for those who are fully embracing fall and for those who are still can’t let go summer.

But really, what i’m mostly excited about is Walking Dead and first Halloween with J!

Download Desktop Wallpaper below

*Personal Use Only

September Oranges Wallpaper

Vintage tropical patterns, white linen, white lace, woven shoes, bags, straw hats.. that’s pretty much everything that has been on my mind lately. I’ve literally have fallen in love with my Pinterest all over again the past couple of months and the dream girl on my Wear & Styled boards.

Psst.. i may be toying with the idea of creating silk scarves -you know the ones that you can wear as tops too- and i may have been practising on some woven beach bags. When i can’t find what i like, you know me.. i’m all about making it myself. So who knows, maybe one day i’ll launch a few different things on my shop at last!

This tropical piece was an experiment of colour play and vintage mood. A pattern i would love to wear as a scarf maybe? So far it sits on my desktop and i’m sharing it with you as well!

Download wallpaper below

Desktop Tropico

Personal Use Only