Just in time for the weekend, i created a small magical game for you on my cocorrinaco instagram account. I had seen these crystal ball – fortune tellers before and i really really wanted to make one when the time was right. And so here it is.

There’s music and all (kind my favourite track these days) so make sure you experience the whole ride as you should!

Lately, i’ve been using less and less digital work and i love the process of creating anything really a lot more these days. There’s something very satisfying about cutting paper and putting things together and painting with ink and then mixing it all together into this concept you have.

It took some time to cut the rays but really i wasn’t trying to make it perfect at all. I really like the roughness and how natural it feels. Can’t wait to show more of these soon!

Spring is here and oh man, i’m surrounded by so many delicious flowers! Ever since i started these series 4 years ago (what?!) i completely changed the way i look at flowers. I’m much more observant of my surroundings and all the details always thinking about colours and compositions and how they will look scanned. These days i know the names of most wildflowers on the island, and i even found some new ones this Easter on our vacation in Kalamata.

These red velvet beauties are from a tree and i had to fight a nasty spider to get my hands on it. And guess what, i created yet one more instagram account dedicated just for these botanical studies, I realised that i have so so many scans waiting to see the light and i can’t post all of them here. Not only this, but hey i really have big plans for this new project.

Feel free to be inspired on @noxbotanicals 

Earlier this week i discovered a gold ink i bought a few years ago in Paris. Silly me had tucked it away in a drawer and my heart literally jumped when i found it. Wanting to put it in some good use, i practised on Jason’s invites and did some star splatters and this piece was the second best thing i had in mind doing. Can’t believe that an ink can look like actual gold foil. I’m obsessed.

From now on, i’ll just ink everything i touch with gold.

Gold has been always huge in my life. Without a specific reason, it just has been there.


These days, gold plays a huge part every day in everything i work. If you could take a look in my office, there are brushes covered with dried gold acrylic paint, gold ink sitting there beggining to be used, gold splatters, gold paper, gold water and today there’s some extra gold magic.

We have been working really hard on launching the new shop some time this year and i know i’ve already shared my new insta account that’s all about it – inspiration, behind the scenes and my cosmic work and today, i shared one of the biggest behind the scenes ever.

I don’t think i’ve ever felt this happy about a thing. Like, the knot you have in your stomach kind of happy. It’s always been about someone or an event, but never about a thing. This stuff just makes me happy.

Yesterday evening while taking a walk with Jason and Bella, we discovered a tiny wisteria tree down at the village’s church. I’ve never seen one in real life and was in awe just how beautiful the flower is! It must be really something standing below a huge wisteria tree, it got me thinking that i should totally plant one in our garden.

This one is the most exotic botanical scan i’ve ever done, and i think i’ll do more complex ones in the future. It’s one of my favourite posts to do as they never turn out as i imagine them. Hope you’re enjoying these as much as i do!