Who would have thought, just a month would feel this big! My live in the moment technique definitely paid off. Looking back at the beginning of August, feels like it was 3 months ago. Boy, did i have a good time.

If anyone had a rough summer, then you would know how last year’s vacation felt to me. Such a bad time management, too many obligations, zero time for fun. And was this year a tough one? You bet it was! Therefore, a whole month of doing only the things i wanted (and not had to) was just what my soul needed.

First day in the office today, and i feel like a completely new me. Full of inspiration, more than any other time in my life that i can remember of. My head is spinning of ideas, colours, projects and scheduling posts. Surprisingly, i don’t feel guilty / embarrassed / horrified at the thought that i abandoned my once well scheduled and organised blog. I guess, that’s the feeling of doing something you deserved.

Here’s to a fresh new start to all you who are back from vacation and planning new exciting things for the year! It’s so good to be back with you 🙂

The past weeks i’ve done quite a lot of soul searching, being away from all the designing and creativeness when it comes to hands on work, but at the same time spending a lot of hours gathering inspiration from around me and the web.

Instagram was the first big revelation. I’ve always saw myself in certain way. The idea of minimalism, how easy and effortless black and white is, less is more etc etc. But bringing all of that to my surroundings and capturing them in a certain way made me miserable at some points and discouraged. Let’s face it. I don’t live in a very minimal place, nor my surroundings are black, white and clean. It took literally everything from me to open my eyes and realise that it was time for me embrace the beautiful place i live in and see the way things are, instead of making them in the certain way i wanted.

I’m not quite sure if it’s because the minimalist kind of person is so in right now, but there’s a small kick i’ve been feeling towards it lately. Of course, i still appreciate a clean smart design, a perfectly balanced use of space and simple things. But the way we used to see minimalism, as in two years ago (so fascinated by it, remember?) is just not working anymore for me. I love colour, i love flowers and plants, pastels, reds and pinks. I love emotions, romance, ladies with red lips, grain instead of vector, textures instead of white and for now, that is what makes me happy.


raison d'ĂȘtre 

A reason for existing. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing what we love and what makes us happy, instead of going with the flow and what’s popular. ps. Major love goes to my little sister who put up with me putting red lipstick on her and taking shot after shot on our balcony a few minutes ago.

It’s been a week since i last posted, and have to say this time i don’t feel guilty at all! I’m at last on a very needed summer vacation for a whole month and all i’ve been doing this week was chilling!

Looking back to this year, we’ve done so many new things! New house, shop, courses, websites redesign and worked on numerous exciting new projects with clients. As i always say September feels like a the beginning of the year and here i am recharging my batteries for another thrilling one.

Ideally i would have guest posts, or a team creating posts for me, but as this is a personal blog i’ll be checking in and sharing our adventures this summer. You can catch up with Instagram and Snapchat (corinanika) were i get to share most of it.

Hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful summer. Hey, it’s almost August, crazy right?

Aren’t we always battling with time? Wish the day had more hours, wish summer didn’t end so fast. But it’s not time that’s racing, it’s us. The one big thing i learned while meditating for a month now, is how we never live in the now. Instead, we live in the how crazy my schedule is tomorrow, what i’ll do this weekend, reliving past events, dreaming future ones, but hardly ever what we’re actually doing this very moment.

Haven’t we always said how slow time goes by when we’re bored. Where guess what, that’s because you don’t think of anything else but the time. You’re focusing in the now, and that’s what slows things down. Pay more attention to your actions, when you walk, walk. When you cook, cook. Observe the colors, smells and how things feel.

If you think you don’t have the time for what you want to do, make some time for it. Change your priorities and just forces your wants in your schedule.

How convenient actually, that i’m doing a post on Instagram today for Nicole Vienna, where we made some time midweek to watch the sunset at the beach and snap a few pictures.

These are last night’s 1am thoughts while catching up with Instagram. Oh how time goes by so fast, i thought. Waking up to the sad news of France this morning was heartbreaking. My heart is heavy, but my thoughts are with you.



Yes! This happened a couple of days ago and i still can’t get over how stunning our cruise was! Theo surprised me for our 4 year marriage anniversary and we took off early in the morning with a little boat to Zakinthos.

We visited the shipwreck and oh goodness! I’ve wanted to see this place with my own eyes for years now and it did not disappoint. So in awe with each and every step, with the colours the landscape and the scale of the rocks!

Prepared a silly small iPhone video to capture our beautiful day visiting the shipwreck, blue caves and lunch in St. Nikolaos. Don’t laugh to much – we do look awestruck. And yes, i know the song has a lot of meanings, but i’ll keep the chorus “all i know is that i love you so”







This was never meant to be today’s post, but i’m just so obsessed and inspired by this brand i had to share with you. The fine fellas from Le Labo asked me not long ago whether they could send me a little gift, no collaboration of feature them somewhere, just a gift. Who am i to turn down a gift from such a beautiful brand?

Well, my little package arrived yesterday and i’ve been swooning ever since. Let me just try explaining you how picky i am with perfumes. I have tones of them, from Elie Saab to Chloe, and although i’ve picked every single one, none of them stays on my skin or feels like a signature scent. Not to mention that i feel dizzy after some time wearing it. Clean scents – like literally smelling like a clean baby – is my thing.

I have no idea how on earth they figured that out, but this scent matches me 1000% Theo keeps mentioning how awesome it smells all day, while i barely know it’s there. Now let’s not leave outside the gorgeous packaging and my name on the label. Makes me feel like a star! Just look at how cute it looks in my bedroom!



Happy new week friends! Hope you all had a great one!

Let me start this post by saying that i’m not sponsored by Korres or Apivita, i’m just crazy obsessed with these two brands. About a year ago, i started reading all the labels on my beauty products, realising how much chemicals i was putting on my body. Ever since yoga came into my life, i became more and more interested in staying healthy, eating well and taking care of myself more. When you’re a freelance designer, this is pretty essential in order to stay sane. I know you’ll get what i mean.


And with that, i thought i’d let you in to some of my favourites. I haven’t done a post like this in years (boy how does time fly?!) so had a little fun today shooting my most precious. These are just 5 products out of 20 i own, but are the ones i use on a daily basis. What really did the trick and made me switch all of them, was reading an article about animal abuse.


I already knew all about it, but seeing pictures, just made me cry rivers. In no way do i want animals to suffer just for me to get a cheaper product which has easier access. It’s so easy – and not even that expensive – to start adding healthier products into your cabinet, and those furry friends you love, will live a better life.



I know there must be thousands of organic products out there, those in the States and Uk are the more privileged! Due customs regulations and a very small market over here, i’m full of Korres and Apivita. But that’s totally cool as i’m crazy about those two.


Have discovered a love for olive lately. My face scrub, hair conditioner (no wash), body oil, and a few others are all olive based, and i don’t think i’ve ever smelled a better scent than that! My cleanser foam is with white tea, and i recently got this face brush from another Greek brand, that i use every morning with my foam and it just makes me feel 5 years younger.


Would love to hear if you have any recommendations for products, i’m always excited to try something new. I’ve got my eye currently on Glossible, which still doesn’t ship to Europe, so fingers caressed they will soon!