A huge hug to all my dearest friends! It’s been a week since i last blogged as i was away on a quick trip, and oh how i missed blogging and catching up with you. I was pretty certain i would be able to blog while away, but as always that’s as impossible as me riding a broomstick.

November is here, and it’s finally a lot gloomier today! We just came back from our trip with new Christmas ornaments and will be putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow! We might be the crazy few who start decorating more than a month before Christmas, but it’s all about the cozy, warm vibes these days you know?

As for my little butterfly on this graphic, i must have spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to incorporate my beloved botanicals on top of the N. Not very Christmassy but there’s something light about it that just makes me happy!

If you know me well, you’ll probably know how much i hate being secretive. I’m always the worst when it comes to keeping personal exciting things away from everyone else. From the beginning of Fall, Theo and i have been working on some extraordinary secret projects that i simply cannot share with you. I normally would have already, but after dealing with other designers stealing concepts / ideas / actual artwork, i had to necessary evolve and keep all the big stuff to myself until it’s the right time. Kinda hating if you ask me. The whole fun is to share your happiness and process right?

These projects of ours, include lots of new skills, good old designing from my side and lots of icon making. Which is why i’m sharing a Halloween inspired set i did this morning. Sadly, my shop has been left a little behind, there’s only so much one person can do! I’m secretly hoping i’ll be able to have a calendar ready for the new year, but who knows?

Lots of exciting news and revealing them in November! I’m cherishing every single days these weeks, as they mean so much to us. Can’t wait to tell you all about everything!

Can’t believe it’s the Halloween week already! I feel like sobbing for just a second because it went by so fast, and i wish i had stopped for a bit to enjoy it. Nevertheless, i intend to make most of this week, with squeezing some Halloween inspired artworks, Hocus Pocus on my noon breaks and let’s not forget Harry Potter every night of the week.


I’ve been lighting up candles every night and Theo has been teasing me about the crazy amount of pumpkins we have in our living room. And wait, until we spray paint them gold haha. We were supposed to carve the spookiest faces on a couple of them this weekend, but laziness got the best of us. Instead a lot of couch and tv was involved, and candle lighting of course.


Halloween week plans are pretty much the best aren’t they?

We’re already half way through Autumn, and somehow my mind is still in the summer. Could be part of the fact that living on an island, all the best things you can do are during the summer season. And trust me, this one was definitely the best we ever had! So many people, mostly family, so many different places to explore and so many new adventures.

Even though i always considered myself a homebody, i’ve realised i’m more of an outdoorsy kind of type! Summer and October came and gone, and with all kinds of changes in our life, plus tons of work, we haven’t been outside home much. More like not at all, which is mostly the reason i’m laying low on Instagram these days. Not many exciting things to post about, since i’m mostly staying indoors.

So on Friday, i kept my schedule clear and instead we hit the beach, where i could sit and write one of the newest Courses. Not a great idea to be quite honest, as the sea and serenity was all so distracting, i ended up putting my laptop down and enjoying the view. Early this summer i had it all figured out, and now, here i am trying to adjust into new routines and different seasons.

What has helped me a lot with the season change, was a bit of decoration. Pumpkins, vases of dried red leave, candles in the dark and a bowl full of acorns. Hot chocolate and evening walks with Bella in the forest.

What’s your favourite thing that calms you down, and helps you stayed focused and relaxed in your everyday life? Would love to hear some seasonal tips!

I just love this transformation from summer to Autumn. Waking up to a storm and finally that cool weather. Where you can wear your rain boots and step right into puddles. Watch the droplets and the beautiful sound of rain on the umbrella. A nap while hearing the thunderstorm and an evening hot chocolate at the porch while the rain washes the grass and roses.

Can anyone fall in love with a season more?

Today is one of those days that i hold on to as much as i can. One of those bright days when you feel you can achieve anything, do everything, be the best at what you do and the inspiration and creativity flows all around you. Lately i’ve figured, it’s how we choose to wake up in the morning. See the bright side in things and choose to have a good day.

September feels like such a great month so far and we’re only at the beginning! We’re rebranding Courses while i’m writing 4 new topics to launch in this and next month; Web Design, Big First Steps in Freelancing, Creating your Personal Style & an Instagram Bootcamp! On of it all, i’m slowly designing new things for the shop. These probably won’t launch any time soon as i want to take all the time in the world to create pretty much the best of me – but it will be worth the wait. Which is why, we’re doing our very first sale on the shop, with up to 25% off (hehe proud mama over here) What’s more, a rebrand and update on my beloved portfolio. This is a project i love doing every season and i have so much in my mind for this volume.

A couple of days ago, i found myself being inspired so much by the 20’s – such a beautiful era wasn’t it? The details, the golden touches, the colours – i feel like i found my new obsession. So today’s graphic project is slightly inspired by the 1920’s. Kinda loving this mood! Have an awesome week y’all!

Isn’t September the best month of them all? Right after the craziness and heat of August, comes the most charming month. Cozy blankets, strolls in the rain and hot chocolates. The most comforting and as i always say, it always feels as the first day of the year, because it is!


Everyone feels rejuvenated and ready for brand new starts. And boy do we have some new things in our lives! I’m starting to love more and more this month and today, must have been one of the happiest days. Now all i need is some rain and moody / sweater weather.


Happy September 1st dear friends! Hope it finds where you want to be and full of energy.