It’s Monday and for the first time i’m having a really hard time accepting it! This weekend was everything i ever imagined and more. From being spontaneous, to do doing things out of the ordinary like driving for 2 hours to have a breakfast by the sea and jumping from cliffs to swim in the deepest waters in the stormiest weather.

This weekend, also inspired me to change some of my ordinary way of thinking. Me and i bet you, are also waiting for the perfect moment to do something magical – something that will make you feel special. We see all these perfect lives on instagram, the most perfect food, luxurious breakfasts, trips and people having the time of their lives. Always assuming that they’re just lucky to do that and we have zero time for any of it.

Truth is, you don’t need much to create your own magic in your lives. This morning, after my morning meditation and yoga, i treated myself to some berries right after swimming in the pool 9am. Yes, i am lucky to have a pool – but don’t for a second think that i ever take advantage of it. Lost in my crazy life, i hardly ever notice it. I chose to make my morning magical though. Like, waking up an hour earlier to bake yourself pancakes on a weekday with some fresh juice and flowers on the table or instead of staying in the weekend, try doing something you’ve never done but always wanted to.

We’re all too wrapped up in what we think we have to do, that we forget what we can do. Live a little!

Oh goodness!! We start and end this week with brand new beginnings! A lot of sleepless nights and a bit of wine but we finally got there and now we’re ready for vacation. Well almost.. but i earned two months this summer for sure!

With tears in my eyes and super emotional, i’m presenting you *drumroll* our shop!! We’ve worked on quite a few things (i just couldn’t settle for just prints – you know me!). As with all new things, i still have to work out on how to make shopify take high res images, but most of it is done and there!

Hell yeah!





Everything you see was shot in Santorini and i bet now you can tell why i chose this location! There’s a lot more of the lookbook in the shop, where you can see all the beautiful locations we shot.

Can’t wait to hear what are your favourite items! I’m pretty excited about the jewellery + notebooks. Oh and the tees! And did you know Theo is the man behind the marble candles?! I seriously need to contain my excitement. Everything is so new and it’s totally one of those cases where you have butterflies in your stomach!










Where do i even begin! Guys, this is so happening right now and i’m totally peeing my pants! I finally got the design of my dreams, exactly how i imagined it, exactly how i designed it, for the first time, no template based, nothing. Pure perfect custom designed just for me.

You’ll see so many things changed, and what i originally wanted, was this template to be a bit more interactive, more interesting. And voila! We’ve got a main menu, we’ve got a footer menu (that you can close + open), beautiful pages, contact, an infinity scroll and lots of focus and love to the graphics / images. We’re working on a few glitches, like comment count and archives, if you spot anything, shoot me an email!

Can i gush a bit by how happy i am with how everything looks right now? It feels like such a perfect fit for me. A MAJOR thank you to Jacob, who’s my official developer from now on. We’ll be working on all website development together from now on. I’ve never met a person more patient, knowledgable and so punctual! We’ve got a handful of websites to build in the next months, and i can’t wait to share with you!

This is going to be a huge week in my life. New blog, opening the shop AND refreshing Courses  with a few new lessons coming in a week! So happy to have Latrina on board, who will be teaching you photography. And very soon a newer lesson by yours truly on how to find your personal style.

Stay tuned, things are getting exciting over here!

ps. i how about a folk floral wallpaper to start your Monday? i kinda love making patterns these days

The week started and it’s already crazy! I bet i’m not the only one eagerly looking forward to vacation getting here already! The weather is hotter than any other days, and the outdoors + sea are just calling my name. Summer vibes are everywhere! Which brings me to my quick lettering. Just spotted this absolutely gorgeous outdoor space with pink walls and cute little palms. Spring + Summer always bring out my love for color.

Summer Vibes



It was a long long weekend that started on Friday and ended on Monday. Those few times that you get to escape and spend quality time with the people you love, are probably my most favourite ones of the year.

This was the first time that we celebrated Easter with the whole family, and if you caught up with snapchat, there was a lot of dancing, singing and many Greek traditions that made the weekend even more special. AND, it was the first time i got to really enjoyed playing with my new camera and lens after the Santorini photoshoots!




Nature has always been my main source of inspiration, and boy did i enjoy lots of it! Our base was our relative’s traditional Greek beach cottage, in this gorgeous field of olive trees, by the beach, with chickens, geese, cats and puppies running around. Words can’t even start describing the beautiful sceneries my eyes have seen and the unforgettable memories i gathered. But hopefully the video i’m preparing will!





My little sister (who’s not so little any more) and i, spent our evenings playing with the golden light and taking new profile pictures for her. If you ask me, she’ll have a hard time choosing one from the 200 i got of her, as she looks like a dream in all of them. I don’t think i’ve ever loved a person more like i love her <3 (place huge heart eyes emoji here!)





Remember the feeling of that very first date? Well, that’s exactly how i feel now! Would never have thought this little post would make me weak at the knees so much, it’s like sharing your baby with the world, and i don’t even want to start thinking about the launch day!

While working on the shop itself and editing all the photoshoot and finalising the new blog layout, i thought we’d finally settle on an opening date to have ourselves a goal. And now that it’s official, let’s start freaking out about how close that date is!!

The weakness at the knees, could be coming from the fact that i’m modelling all the shots – and the insecurities have reached sky high. This first collection is all home made. We were the photographers, we were the stylists, the designers, and models. But let’s talk about the jewellery pieces featuring here! Part of the shop will have a couple of pieces that i am so so in love already! And knowing how obsessed i am with eyes, i couldn’t help myself but create a few eye earrings.

With a beating heart, i sign out and cannot wait to share this whole project with you in just a few weeks!



We finally made i!! Have been talking about this for such a long time and being here feels so unreal right now. We’ve been walking, living and travelling in a crazy – non stop rhythm for the past two days. Got a few moments to my self at last, laying in my beautiful bed with a large window in front of me, that watches down the sea.

The secret is out and i’m super excited to share with you that we’ll be shooting the collection in Sophia Luxury Suites. Had a help locating this spot by Sara Medina, who visited last summer. Completely fell in love with the minimal island style – perfectly matching the SS16 i’ve been working on the past few months. Not going big or anything, but i’ve never met friendlier staff than the one here before. They’ve embraced us to their island and hotel and we cannot wait to spend the next days here.

We won’t start shooting until tomorrow, so today is all about fun, lots of walks and taking a breath. Yes, our room has an outdoor pool so that might be in the picture as well. I’m going crazy on social media and snapchat (corinanika) today, so feel free to follow along!