Just a simple loving reminder. When you are love and you give love, all you get in return is love. Keep yourself, your thoughts and actions pure and the world around you will be pure to you. I have felt so much love and support around me this past few months and i’ve been loving to all in return. We need more of it these days and every day so don’t be afraid to be open. Because when you open up there’s only beauty to be found.

I’ve been delaying this post for what feels (and probably is) forever. One thing is for sure, things change. People change, the way we live and thing all change. The past few months, i’m finding it really hard to post regularly here, mostly because i put all my love and energy on designing for my clients and my shop. This blog was what get me started in the first place and it will forever feel like my home. I can’t help to notice though that people just don’t read blogs regularly as they used to (back in our golden era).

So things, are about to change here. Change can be so scary sometimes, but without it bigger things can’t happen. If nothing changes, then nothing changes, and i know i’m ready for it. I won’t share our plans just for now, but it will definitely have to do with the construction of this page, a Cocorrina 5.0 layout. I will still be posting here, but i want my posts to be meaningful and when necessary instead of daily and random. Like, a new brand design project reveal, or a freelance life post, how my schedule has worked as a mom etc.

For daily posts, you can head to instagram where i’m posting almost every day. For personal @corinanika, for my art @cocorrina.co and for branding process and wips @cocorrina.studio

Here’s to change and growing to be better, changing where change is needed and listening to what our hearts whisper.

You are magical and beautiful and kind and loving and loved. Capable of many great things, capable of love, capable to live the life you always dreamt. The body that carries you does the most beautiful thing and it’s beautiful as it is, just for hosting you into this world. The universe loves you and you are hugged by the light around us. Just wanted you to remember that you matter and that there’s nothing that should get you down today or any other day.

Happy new moon everyone! Hope your sky is full of bright stars and a full beautiful moon tonight.

Our day was completely nuts as we were packing and preparing for a very exciting trip tomorrow. It’s J’s first big trip so wish us luck! Can’t wait to show you more about this place and finally reveal were we’re heading. I’ll be sharing everything on Instagram & stories and you really don’t want to miss this one!

This painting currently sits in our home office and i can’t get over the golden moon and copper sun. I shared it last week on coocrrina.co instagram and received so many complements and even inquires to create some paintings. So i guess next thing on my to do list for the shop launching will be paintings!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful ladies. Today was very simple but so special filled with laughter, happiness and all these cute little moments in between. I originally wanted to illustrate a pregnant figure (because i just love how beautiful our bodies become during pregnancy) but then it hit me. We are all mothers one way or the other, pregnant or not. So many different stories full of love. Yes, happy mother’s day to you cat mamas too!

A few nights ago we watched The True Cost on Netflix and our hearts broke. Not that we were oblivious of the situation in the fashion industry and not that sustainable fashion hasn’t been in trend for the past couple of years. Somehow my mind wasn’t ready for a change and only right after i became a mom the whole everything really struck me into wanting to do better.

I’ve read a lot about sustainability in the past and i continue to educate myself more these days. Changing what you’ve learnt your whole life isn’t easy and the greedy little monster in me wants all the pretty she sees. But as a start all the fast fashion brands and i broke up at the beginning of the year. I know i deserve better and that buying clothes that i know i won’t value in a few days won’t make me happy or prettier.

To begin this journey, i cleared my closet and gifted all the good stuff to my little sister that i know she appreciates. I kept only a few pieces, and even though many are from Zara, i’ll value them as they are and take care of the clothes i have. I only bought a couple pieces from ethical brands like Zingara with organic cotton and Faithful the brand and that is it for me. Liberating, easy and honestly, makes me feel like a million bucks.

I haven’t shared  a lot about the new shop we’re working on, but we aim to be ethical, organic and  all the way zero waste and eco friendly. Creating with a consciousness is the best way to create.