Celebrating the Libra season with another constellation! I’m so obsessed with these and guess what. I already have a set of 12 for these ready to be sent for printing. More soon on our shop!

Oh it has been such a long time since i last posted here. I can’t hide the fact that i have stepped back a little bit from posting on my blog and that might be a regular thing from now on. There’s lots going on at the moment with design work, preparing our shop, posting my work on @cocorrina.co and working on a new website here that will host all of my work in one my place, in a cozy warm environment focused on more than my blog.

I shared one of my playlists yesterday on instagram that i listen when i work / design / illustrated / seek for inspiration. I’ve created one for every planet that inspires me and more, Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars, Magic, Cosmos, Feminine Power etc. So i’ve shared my very first one The Sun. You can find me / my playlists on Apple Music. Would love to hear if you have any recommendations for down tempo music!