Tonight we’re looking at the most beautiful moon i’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s the biggest and clearest i’ve seen in my life. It’s so bright outside, and a light rain is falling from the sky, while the sea reflects the most glowy light. I made this one for Summer Solstice, mostly because i enjoy all these beautiful warm summer nights at the sea with that huge bright moon on the sky.

Summer is hear! Can’t believe it’s already Summer Solstice, can you? It’s already so warm and hot and humid here, but we get to visit the beach almost every day after we’re done working. I’m so excited for August’s shooting stars, and Jason’s baptism in a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks! I feel like i haven’t shared anything here at all about the process but that should change soon. We’re planning a new direction for Cocorrina here and i’m really excited to share it all with you!

Until then, find me more often on Instagram these days. On my cosmic account personal account @corinanika and Studio work

This month, has been such a deep transformative one for me. I’m working on so many different projects, sometimes i feel like i truly could be anyone. Being able to identify and discover who i really am and what i truly love designing has taken me years and years of exploration which is why it’s been so easy to step back and connect with so many different people and projects.

I feel like i should be thanking the universe for bringing my way all these incredible human beings to my way. Beings with such a great causes, focusing on making this world better, working to empower other people, to care for our planet and all the creatures. And here i am little me, adding a small touch to all the beauty happening around me. Whether that’s working with all these people and bringing all their dreams to life, or creating new paintings and pieces of my own while i work on our ethical and sustainable shop, while being eco conscious at the same time. y

It has been a long long time since i did some hand lettering for the blog or a personal project. So this one is for the love of hand lettering. Plenty of bisous and love in the air today.

We got back from our trip in Mykonos on Sunday and i’ve been going through images all week and picking the prettiest ones to share with you here. We didn’t see much of Mykonos honestly, but we had the most incredible experience doing a photoshoot with One Fine Stay and living in the most mind-blowing villa. Can’t wait to share it all soon!