It’s been four years since i started this project and i remember clearly my very first botanical scan. Today, this project is taking its own path and shape and before i can reveal more, i want to share with you the behind the scenes, the full brand identity and the official instagram account were i share tons of botanical scans. The logo is custom made of course, and i really wanted to go bold with this one. The signature scan for the brand is as you may recognise it my birthday roses as this is the year that this brand will be officially taking its own path. I’m really all about symbolisms and meanings. The story behind Nox Botanicals is to share the islands flora mostly everything that i can reach. It’s a project that i get to work on mostly at nights as that’s when Jason is asleep thus the darkness. But setting everything aside, i can’t hide the fact that i love black and all its true meanings.

My vision is to capture in the most magical, ethereal and creative way the beautiful flowers (mostly), and some fruits (hello lemons!). This project will evolve as the seasons go by and it’s going to be really amazing seeing how it translates to the environment around me. “Nox” means night in Latin but also it’s a small reference to Harry Potter’s world of course. Everything has to have a little bit magic when it comes to me. This morning i filmed a mini trailer to capture the mood and surroundings of Nox Botanicals. Hope you enjoy it!


A few nights ago we watched The True Cost on Netflix and our hearts broke. Not that we were oblivious of the situation in the fashion industry and not that sustainable fashion hasn’t been in trend for the past couple of years. Somehow my mind wasn’t ready for a change and only right after i became a mom the whole everything really struck me into wanting to do better.

I’ve read a lot about sustainability in the past and i continue to educate myself more these days. Changing what you’ve learnt your whole life isn’t easy and the greedy little monster in me wants all the pretty she sees. But as a start all the fast fashion brands and i broke up at the beginning of the year. I know i deserve better and that buying clothes that i know i won’t value in a few days won’t make me happy or prettier.

To begin this journey, i cleared my closet and gifted all the good stuff to my little sister that i know she appreciates. I kept only a few pieces, and even though many are from Zara, i’ll value them as they are and take care of the clothes i have. I only bought a couple pieces from ethical brands like Zingara with organic cotton and Faithful the brand and that is it for me. Liberating, easy and honestly, makes me feel like a million bucks.

I haven’t shared  a lot about the new shop we’re working on, but we aim to be ethical, organic and  all the way zero waste and eco friendly. Creating with a consciousness is the best way to create.

Just in time for the weekend, i created a small magical game for you on my cocorrinaco instagram account. I had seen these crystal ball – fortune tellers before and i really really wanted to make one when the time was right. And so here it is.

There’s music and all (kind my favourite track these days) so make sure you experience the whole ride as you should!

Lately, i’ve been using less and less digital work and i love the process of creating anything really a lot more these days. There’s something very satisfying about cutting paper and putting things together and painting with ink and then mixing it all together into this concept you have.

It took some time to cut the rays but really i wasn’t trying to make it perfect at all. I really like the roughness and how natural it feels. Can’t wait to show more of these soon!

A few months ago i had the amazing luck to work with the awesomeness Camille once again on her new brand Allume. We did some exciting things together such  her branding, packaging, the cannabis leaf print for her wrapping paper, the magical bud icon that she turned into a pin and lighter case. She also launched her new podcast and although i’m not into cannabis myself i absolutely adore the collection she has curated in her shop. She’s one very stylish lady.

We also did her website that was so fun to work on. Last but not least, her custom font logo. I don’t think i’ll ever buy fonts for logos again, creating them is much more fun!

All gorgeous photography is by Vee Mercier of High Love Club.

Spring is here and oh man, i’m surrounded by so many delicious flowers! Ever since i started these series 4 years ago (what?!) i completely changed the way i look at flowers. I’m much more observant of my surroundings and all the details always thinking about colours and compositions and how they will look scanned. These days i know the names of most wildflowers on the island, and i even found some new ones this Easter on our vacation in Kalamata.

These red velvet beauties are from a tree and i had to fight a nasty spider to get my hands on it. And guess what, i created yet one more instagram account dedicated just for these botanical studies, I realised that i have so so many scans waiting to see the light and i can’t post all of them here. Not only this, but hey i really have big plans for this new project.

Feel free to be inspired on @noxbotanicals