The Sun is Warm

The Sun is Warm

It is such a warm week this one! The birds are singing, the sun is at its warmest, we barely wear any jackets and all i can think of is digging my feet in the warm sand already. Please summer, hurry up we so desperately need you!

This graphic has its own story today. The eucalyptus branch from my Valentine’s bouquet (the one that my two lovely guys surprised me with). It’s dried and sits proudly on my desk. I was really eager to scan it of course and it just looks divine! The scanner is dirty and filled with creativity, love and some blue paint from a watercoloring pattern i’m creating for a branding project for the incredible Swell Press (you seriously need to check out Britt’s instagram)

Lastly, this divine quote that makes me tear up from Charlie Hope’s album World of Dreams. We put it on every evening once we start Jason’s nighttime routine. I love every song, and Jason already recognises them as well. We’ve been listening to this one ever since J was born and i think this one will be sticking with us for a long time. I remember listening to Best Part when Jason was just a month old, breastfeeding him in his bedroom and crying. “The best part of my day, is when i’m with you”

I’m sharing the eucalyptus background as wallpaper today, because it’s both on my desktop and iPhone and i love it. Personal use only 😉

Download here