Starting off on the right foot

Starting off on the right foot

Well, hello 2018! To say that 2017 flew by is an understatement. But then again giving birth in April, feels like it has been ages ago. Today, is my first day back in the office, after a very needed holiday vacation. It was also the first time *ever* that i didn’t schedule posts. It felt quite stressful not to, but it just had to happen.

More than any other year, this vacation was absolutely the very best. Although tired (almost all the time), it felt so warm and homey. Jason turned out to be a quite outgoing baby, loving every single interaction, hugs and being always surrounded by people.

Don’t you just love the first days of the year? Feeling fresh and new and ready for changes. I almost cut my hair into a very short bob just the other day -completely taken away by the fresh and new mood these days. But i do have some new year’s resolutions that i’ve already eagerly applied to my every day routine. Create more, be more organised and simply.. do more.

Now that we’re no longer new parents, it’s time to set the excuses aside and become the super mom i always dreamt to be. I can do everything and anything.

Hope you started off the year on the right foot!

— ps. custom typeface by me

  • you can do everything! excited to see what you bring to this space and to your work in 2018!!

  • happy new year! i’ve been planning a shorter hair cut as well. it just feels like a great way to kick-off the year! excited to see what’s in store for you in 2018!

  • Happy new year Corina!! Sounds like great plans for 2018 <3 just don forget to cut yourself some slack sometimes when life happens. Looking forward to see what you cook up!

  • This was the first holiday season with Jason right? I’m sure that this year’s holiday experience was like none other 😀 Happy belated New Year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s