Jason is 9 months

Jason is 9 months

Well, here i am 9 months after giving birth writing this post. 9 MONTHS! How can that be? Our little bubba will turn 9 this week and he’s a whole freaking person right now with an incredible personality, super chatty and super laughable and funny. If you can believe it, he’s quite the clown and i swear that he tries to make us laugh all the time – although that’s not too hard. Making him laugh is not difficult either.

I wake up every single morning thinking that he’s too perfect to be mine. As i’m writing this post from his nursery, he’s on the floor playing with his toys, looks at me, waves, laughs and shows me how awesome his music toys are. I mean, if that’s not to melt one mom’s heart, then what is?

He hates food.. still! We are a little worried that he’ll never like food, but we have to hope for the better. He’s just not really into anything that is not milk.

He already…


Repeats every single thing that we do. He waves at us and everything that he likes (whether that’s a tree or a painting), he laughs on demand, dances when we dance. He also started giving things straight to my hand when i ask him to and these days i’m trying to teach him to do a fist bump.

Has really strong legs and no patience to crawl. He wants to sit or better yet be standing, or even better yet to be walking every second that he’s awake. I am a little anxious that he hates tummy time and won’t sit up on his own, but i’ll just let the kid be and do whatever he feels like doing these days. Whenever he’s ready, he’s gonna be moving all around the house, i don’t doubt that.

Communicates like a pro. He loves being around people, loves being outdoors even more. We feel like he understands every thing we tell him and his eyes are full of knowledge. It’s like he’s a grown up person in a tiny body, and i’m sure that he is and that’s how we treat him. We just love being all together with each others company.

He already…


Pulls himself up on his feet wherever you leave him sitting. It’s a sight i don’t think i’ll ever get used to. He becomes more mobile by the day, and here i am having a hard time letting him go as i’m so used to hugging him and carrying him around. Now i can totally relate with all the mom posts i had been reading here and there.. Time truly fly when you have a little one.

He already says mamamamama and dadadadada although i’m pretty sure there’s no relation to us. We do encourage him by repeating after him and cheer like crazy, and that some times catches him by surprise. He talks on his own lanuage all day long, sometimes whispers crazy voodoo stuff to his toys, blows raspberries and even yells at us. You may have caught some of that action on my instagram stories – he’s just hilarious.

Oh man. Next thing you’ll know i’ll be posting his 5 year old update here..

*signs off sobbing and holding on for dear life on Jason*