What happened when i didn’t blog for a month

What happened when i didn’t blog for a month

Well to start with, i panicked! It was the first time i didn’t post for this long every since i started my blog – almost 6 years ago. Whoa! That just makes me feel so old. In the past, when i needed a break and would pause “my internet presence” for a bit, i ended up feeling lazy and unmotivated and definitely a lot less creative.

So these holidays i stopped blogging for a month. There was zero time to schedule any posts – lots of projects to be wrapped up, diapers to change and a baby to cuddle. I didn’t even have time to think how it would affect me, my audience and my views. Although the bitter truth is that i haven’t checked the last in a year now.

Surprisingly, the New Year arrived and here i am back in my office feeling more motivated and creative than ever. I’ve read a lot in the past how these breaks make you less creative. But really, it didn’t! I started sketching, keeping notes for bigger, better ideas, redefined what i want to do with myself as an artist in the future. Started drawing – as in actually drawing on a canvas. Oh there’s nothing better than the feel of paint on your hands.

And better yet.. i started a new instagram account. Ta da da da! Yup, there’s an official Instagram account for Cocorrina now and it’s the most inspiring thing iv’e done for myself in the past few years. I’m working on something personal, that’s truly mine and is really close to my heart. It’s everything i am, everything i’ve became ever since i started designing. It’s updated regularly with everything that fits the brand and inspires our *soon* to be creations.

I’ll be sharing soon more of the materials i’m working with as well as some sketches and behind the scenes.


Feel free to take a look! @cocorrinaco