Last Sunday, we took advantage of the rare sunny weather and went on a nice long walk by the beach. Surprisingly, life happens and i don't get to enjoy everything the island has to offer me often. Most of the times we just simply have too much to do, having only the evenings to watch a movie, relax and recharge for the next day.

The past couple of weeks have been one of the most stressful in my life, as it's what happens when big changes are coming. I surprised myself by how difficult it was to stay positive as i usually do, but i always have my other -positive- half to bring me back to normal myself.

Today i feel like a new me focusing on my achievements and not my failures. Above all, i want to encourage you all to do more of the things you love every day. Stop being held back by the things you can't do, and focus on what you can do and how you can make it better.

We have just the right plans for the mood tonight.. La La land! I bet this movie will make me see everything so much brighter. Here's to enjoying life a little more! You can also download an iPhone wallpaper of this artwork here.

When i said i was really into illustrating lately, i wasn’t kidding! We managed to update our Hand Drawn sticker pack right in time for Valentine’s Day last week and not only that. I redesigned all the stickers and added a few more, with a total of 55 right now. I may be going a little crazy with these cute little things, but i intend to add a few more every couple of months.

You know me, i’m all about spreading love and positive vibes, so for me this is not just a Valentine’s Day sticker pack, but a way to put a smile on someone’s face. And in case you didn’t hear, we launched a whole pack for Mr. Avocado, which i’ll be sharing more about as well as the process later on the blog!

Grab it while it’s hot!





It’s been a long time since i had some fun with illustrator and personal projects. I’ve been working mostly on Photoshop these days, illustrating and creating textures & patterns. So this quick one is simply good for the soul. I’ve wanted to do a palmistry line art for quite a while now, and since i couldn’t decide between astral and crystals and a strict palmistry design i mashed everything up into one.

Although i have no idea how palmistry works, i’m really intrigued to find out. Mostly because i’m fascinated by all the symbols and meanings. And since i love drawing hands, a second one might make its appearance to teach us how to read the future and past in our hands.

Happy February everyone! My birthday month is here and i’m kinda terrified stepping into the big 28. Just writing it down feels so foreign to me and i suddenly feel older than ever. Still got some time left till i’m thirty, so i’ll cherish the final two years of the beautiful twenties.

I’ve been working on lot’s of “red” projects lately – this colour just makes me really happy! I’ve got two secret projects to share with you very soon, but until then i designed two valentine’s day wishing cards for you. Hope you write some love notes on them to your significant other, or your gals!

Download here

Dimensions: 5×6 in

Love Card | Let’s Play a Game Card

* Personal Use Only



I have a confession to make. The past months i’ve come to realise that i’ve grown into a summer type of person. Don’t know if it’s the pregnancy changing me, or simply making being pregnant during winter unbearable, but oh how i miss the sun on my skin and sand in my toes! White lace dresses, walking at the beach and siping a cold drink under the palm shades.

Can’t hide that i find myself being a little anxious about how things will change this summer with the baby. I keep telling myself that the baby will fit just fine in our routines and will love the way we live here. Megan from The Fresh Exchange wrote two incredible posts that have brought a new perspective and insight on motherhood and all the things i’m eager to learn. How We Run our business from home as parents & Motherhood 12 Lessons from the First Year are two must reads this week!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of being bombarded by your own brain. I think it’s something rather common in our era. All the things you want to do, everything you want to achieve and it all piles up to one unreachable mountain? I bet everyone’s brains these days are working in full speed. From our own personal anxieties, to the stressful changes in world, good and bad.

I find myself quite often drowning in my thoughts, to do lists and sometimes yes, my own negativity and self doubt. But this morning while Theo and i were laughing about something stupid in the car, i realised one great but simple thing, that made everything seem lighter. We don’t have to go through it all on our own. Shit happens every day and i dare you to name one person who doesn’t have his own burden to carry.

But we all have love in our lives and i can’t think anything greater than that. There’s nothing you can’t go through with if you’re being loved. It will give you the strength and optimism to go through with anything that burdens you.

I’m not a Valentine’s Day type, but i have the need to dedicate my focus on love and spreading lots of it throughout the whole month. Then i can allow myself to crawl back to my little hole of misery every now and then 🙂 


Today’s scans are my favourite of them all. These roses had a satin feel and i couldn’t be happier that that’s exactly how they turned out here. You can right click save as iPhone and desktop wallpapers (the last pattern is on my screen right now and it feels so romantic!). Kindly remember, they’re meant for personal use as always.




Well, i hope i made your screens look a little more pink today! It’s never too late to start preparing for Valentine’s Day and this week i’m updating my Hand Drawn Sticker Pack App with some more hearts and love notes. And while in the mood, i was eager to start working on the next illustration project. Flamingos always fascinated me with their bright colours, and i thought they’d be easy enough to draw. This ended up giving me a hard time to complete, as the feathers were so complicated.

I had to gather loads of reference photos for these beauties, but in real life they didn’t quite look as i imagined them. So i mixed up a few different types of flamingos into one, and i’m hoping nobody will notice.. With this one, i cannot wait to get my hands on Jason’s nursery prints! I feel like illustrating all kinds of animals and woodsy landscapes in order to match the mood we’re going for.

My main flamingo guy turned into several patterns, and without wanting to overwhelm you, here are 5 of my favourites to download as wallpapers. Enjoy!



Download Here

(from top left, to right bottom)

Flamingo #1 | Flamingo #2 | Flamingo #3

Flamingo #4 | Flamingo #5

*Personal use only