Let’s get social

Let’s get social

I went on a little Instagram rant just a couple days ago. You see, the gold algorithm subject that has viciously affected so many finally pushed my buttons. It wasn’t about the numbers and views, oh no, i couldn’t care less about those. I mean, i don’t post regularly either way so i totally get why people wouldn’t engage. But even though i’m behind the scenes these days, i got eyes and ears everywhere.

Long story short, what’s bothering me is the way my  home feed is laid out. Good God, if you watched my stories you’d have seen the screen rec i did with the same and same brands showing up and then 6 posts in row by instagram – one – after – the – other. It is a delicate subject because these days i truly feel socially (media) old. I’ve been around since Instagram wasn’t a thing and our phones weren’t used as cameras.

I’ve missed interacting and actually seeing my oldest Instagram friends pop up and felt completely bombarded with all these ads and brands that i followed for pure inspiration. In the 30 minutes in a day i have to spend, i don’t need that. So how is this algorithm actually for our own benefit? Sorry, don’t see it.

Last few thoughts on how everything has changed. When social media didn’t matter and we just had our blogs. And then we used social media to attract audience to our blogs and now using social media to built careers. Oh things change so fast and the need to slow down pops up in every corner.

  • @ Instagram, plz go back to chronological feeds and stop trying to figure out what we wanna see because you’re doing it wrongggg.

  • I agree and hate how social media is trying to be intuitive and know what we want, it’s pushy and off-putting, same as the Pinterest suggested posts infiltrating my chosen feed oh my gosh i HATE them with a passion! Hopefully they listen to the backlash and get it sorted because it’s such a shame.

  • frikkenduckie

    I absolutely hate the way Instagram is now. Things need to change back to how they were.

  • a lot of people have been disagreeing with instagram’s new algorithm too! i never paid attention to the changes they made though probably because i rarely engage with people i follow or their posts (like, i don’t like or comment often) but i’m starting to notice it and i have to say, it’s annoying too. showing 10-20 posts from the same person will only make us quit the app faster because we’re so done with scrolling through all the junk! sigh instagram, what blasphemy have you done.

  • I find it particularly frustrating on a platform that is entirely user-generated…. it would not exist without us posting our own photos and our own content, and yet it is now trying to be almost a sales/advertising/marketing platform. I miss the days when I would just blog for the sake of it and not worry about my twitter and instagram and other things all at once, too!!!

  • I could NOT agree more!

    I actually quit Instagram for a few months because I was just completely depleted. I was working so hard on my business posts, and then Instagram shadow banned my posts for hashtags like #tgif (which has recently been banned…). I wrote a blog post about what happened after I quit.

    How can we keep up!? It’s silly. The point is to be social, and they’re making that so hard. At least we’re not alone in feeling this way!

  • YES. agree 100%. I also have the issue of seeing so many posts in my feed that I’ve ALREADY LIKED! and posts from TWO OR THREE DAYS AGO! at top of feed. what is that!!!!??? I’ve definitely made an effort to stop focusing on instagram and I still believe that websites are our most important outlets and should always be the main focus. for those who put all their effort on instagram, I definitely think in the end it wont be beneficial. I think that goes for every social media platform, because they are always changing and you just never know!!

  • I saw your stories when you posted about this. Insane! I mean, do you even follow Instagram’s account on Instagram?
    Social media gets more frustrating and tiring by the day, really. I absolutely miss the days when our blogs were our bases…