Jason’s Baptism Invitations

Jason’s Baptism Invitations

Oh i've waited for so long for this post!! I started designing the invitations quite early, in September actually, because i knew that it would take us forever to actually print and send them. And we still haven't.. oops! So if any of our family and friends are reading this post.. ta da!! You'll soon receive yours.

I'm am SO excited for this event to be quite honest. It's like all my birthdays and Christmases in one. Having everyone we love and care for join us to meet Jason and celebrate him and his name. Naturally, i want this day to be unforgettable and perfect, so i've designed and planned everything till the very last detail.

Will have to do my best not to share everything, but imagine an evening ceremony in July, dinner in candlelights, a naked teepee dressed with leaves, bird cages full of baby’s breath and oh so much more magic. My theme is enchanted forest, so there might be some deer and bunnies here and there. I really wanted to keep everything pure, innocent, magical and woodsy.

  • How enchanting! Na zeisi!

  • Hajni Kele

    Oh my goodness!!!!! They are beautiful. Wow….I so need to go!

  • Looove the theme! I agree with the comments, so enchanting!!

  • cbraunc

    Love, love, love

  • Oh my gosh, this is absolutely adorable. You’re definitely going to have to share some images of it afterwards because it sounds magical. And I love the invitations! The crown seal is perfection. Jason is one lucky boy to have such a creative and caring mom! <3

    Asti | atypicalnarrative.com