Jason is 5 months old!

Jason is 5 months old!

These days, i take my camera out only once a month, and that’s for J’s monthly photoshoot. This month i thought i should share it with you, since he looks so grown up compared to his 4mo. My camera is always in hand and everyday i document his life. Really early in the game i discovered the Peekaboo, which i simply adore. So at the end of every day, i sit down and edit J’s photos and upload them all where my family can see him.

Living on the island had only downside and that’s that we don’t get to have our families with us all the time, especially now that Jason is in our lives. Don’t be fooled though, they cannot stay away from us! Which is why we get visitors almost once a month. We’re already looking forward to this winter with him, seeing how he’ll react to a trip to Athens, different environment lots of people and noise, and of course Christmas and the fireplace and snow.

Oh.. don’t get me started! I can day dream all day!

This month


You laugh all day long! You love when daddy kisses your neck and you laugh pretty much at every i do. And trust me, i’m at my goofiest just for you! You are probably teething these days, so suck and bite everything you find, which is what probably makes you a lot more cranky. You’re still sleeping with your mom and you’re still not sleeping well at night nor during the day *you little devil*. You have improved a lot however and love the stroller and the rides in the car, and you even sleep in a lot of times – yay!

You rolled over from your back to your tummy a few days ago, and now you won’t stop. You even wake yourself up rolling over, and i find you puzzled and crying, but oh so adorable.

Jason last month


He was such a cute bubbly little guy! He had just started laughing really loud and we couldn’t stop making him laugh with every chance we got. He really hated being in his stroller or riding the car and would cry sometimes after his bath. He loved standing and sitting and pulling mommy’s hair