The Circle of Life Totem

The Circle of Life Totem

Can’t believe that the last totem i shared was in February! Well that’s something i didn’t see coming. These totems, with their dark and magical mood, is pretty much one of my favourite things to create. I feel like of all the things i design, these truly speak who i really am and what happens in my head.

This month and for the next few, i’m working on a huge project where i’m designing .. ehm let’s say almost a hundred of them (if i say the exact number, i’ll might end up giving away the identity of the project). And this one, i promise you, is going to be out of this world. Cant’ wait till everything is finished and i have the final product in my hands.

Something as exciting, is that Theo and i are working on a very unique concept – something that hasn’t been done before. With my totems! After a long time, i feel like i’ll be creating pure art and this art will be coming to life in our world. Oh i really want to share everything with you right now!

  • October is a timely month to get back to totems with dark and magical moods πŸ˜€ // ahh sounds like you got a lot of exciting things in store ^-^ Can’t wait to hear about it all! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Oh yes!! I’m in the mood for some dark deep vibes!

  • Sounds like there are some exciting things coming soon – can’t wait to see them πŸ™‚

    • Oh yeah! Lots of interesting staff coming this way!

  • nansy

    im a new member of your site !! Can’t wait to see more β™‘β™‘
    kisses from Sparta β™‘

    • Thank you Nancy!! Lovely to have you here πŸ˜€