Oh how i love working with so many different and unique people. Each of them has a different story to say and i always get so inspired by them and excited to share their voice through their brand. Jessica is a doula and had the most beautiful and inspiring story to share with me. She knew what she wanted and what would fit her brand and i was really lucky to help her with that journey.

We strongest brand keywords were, whimsical, magical, comfortable with a bit of 70’s vibes. Jessica had this concept of the baby inside the egg that we brought to life in the icon. The primary font for the logo was created customary by me and of course i was eager to illustrate some flowers for the whimsical part of it.

I haven’t shared with you most of the rebrands i’ve worked in the past year and the list is growing bigger and bigger! I’ll be working in the next months updating my portfolio and share more and more of the exciting projects i’ve worked on. Be prepared for lots of different styles and moods!

You may have noticed that i share a lot less of the process lately in my new branding works. That is mostly because our brand plan always hits the spot and we get the logos straight away. So the final logos end up being the ones i proposed originally. Below you will see a few alterations of the final logos, with a small stop to one of my favourites the illustrated baby egg.

I had this concept of life growing from the yolk, translated into flowers and leaves and roots. We needed using a much simpler and edgier version of the logo that fits the brand perfectly. The primary logos are also custom ones below as a second alteration of the brand’s logo.

Oh how precious the first days of Fall are! Last Sunday, i asked Theo to take us to the mountain where we could show J all the beauty and have him smell the fresh air and feel the cold on his skin. Let’s face it – there’s not too much down where we live. What we didn’t expect was to from 20 degrees (C) to 4! We weren’t properly clothed so we skipped the top of the mountain and stayed down where we could feel our toes.

We’ve never visited the mountain Ainos this season and absolutely loved all the warm colours and the moss. Probably one of its most magical time of the year. Jason absolutely loved every bit of the walk in the woods and even complained when we had to drive to a different spot. We both ended sleeping for an hour and a half on our way back home, in the back of the car.

Such a good day.

Can’t believe that the last totem i shared was in February! Well that’s something i didn’t see coming. These totems, with their dark and magical mood, is pretty much one of my favourite things to create. I feel like of all the things i design, these truly speak who i really am and what happens in my head.

This month and for the next few, i’m working on a huge project where i’m designing .. ehm let’s say almost a hundred of them (if i say the exact number, i’ll might end up giving away the identity of the project). And this one, i promise you, is going to be out of this world. Cant’ wait till everything is finished and i have the final product in my hands.

Something as exciting, is that Theo and i are working on a very unique concept – something that hasn’t been done before. With my totems! After a long time, i feel like i’ll be creating pure art and this art will be coming to life in our world. Oh i really want to share everything with you right now!

Gathering the last of the flowers this week, and i’ve been scanning them every night once J falls asleep. It’s such an relaxing project, almost therapeutic. Creating arrangements in the dark and seeing how they show up on my screen. Our garden is full of roses and i can’t wait to create something with the yellow ones (since it’s my favourite colour this year).

The roses are from our garden and the blush / yellow bougainvillea i “stole” from the cutest little house from our walks down at the village.

Thought, some flowers would be nice for this week with all the heavy events that have been happening. Not that i expect they will light up the mood, but at least bring some hope in the horizon.

These days, i take my camera out only once a month, and that’s for J’s monthly photoshoot. This month i thought i should share it with you, since he looks so grown up compared to his 4mo. My camera is always in hand and everyday i document his life. Really early in the game i discovered the Peekaboo, which i simply adore. So at the end of every day, i sit down and edit J’s photos and upload them all where my family can see him.

Living on the island had only downside and that’s that we don’t get to have our families with us all the time, especially now that Jason is in our lives. Don’t be fooled though, they cannot stay away from us! Which is why we get visitors almost once a month. We’re already looking forward to this winter with him, seeing how he’ll react to a trip to Athens, different environment lots of people and noise, and of course Christmas and the fireplace and snow.

Oh.. don’t get me started! I can day dream all day!

This month


You laugh all day long! You love when daddy kisses your neck and you laugh pretty much at every i do. And trust me, i’m at my goofiest just for you! You are probably teething these days, so suck and bite everything you find, which is what probably makes you a lot more cranky. You’re still sleeping with your mom and you’re still not sleeping well at night nor during the day *you little devil*. You have improved a lot however and love the stroller and the rides in the car, and you even sleep in a lot of times – yay!

You rolled over from your back to your tummy a few days ago, and now you won’t stop. You even wake yourself up rolling over, and i find you puzzled and crying, but oh so adorable.

Jason last month


He was such a cute bubbly little guy! He had just started laughing really loud and we couldn’t stop making him laugh with every chance we got. He really hated being in his stroller or riding the car and would cry sometimes after his bath. He loved standing and sitting and pulling mommy’s hair