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Strong Females | Body Temple

Holly shit, Jason turns five months in a couple of days. Five months! My mind doesn’t have the ability to realise that i’m a mom of a five month old. And at the same time, this is all i love being at the moment, his mom πŸ™‚

I clearly need to find a way to balance J’s posts and design posts, or even make more of Jason’s posts ahah. In a few days, we will start solids and both happy and terrified at the same time. We’ve been breastfeeding exclusively all this time. No bottles, no sterilising or pumping, he’s been on me 24/7 and all i see is the beauty in it – zero exhaustion. But all of that will soon end, as we’re starting to get into a feeding schedule and breastfeeding on demand will soon be no more.

Between all these emotions (us females can do lots of them at the same time) – i feel so very proud of my body for being able to feed a baby for 5 months. Being so petite, i never expected to give birth normally to a normal size baby and of course having milk during all this time. I’ve heard and read so many stories of mom’s struggling to have milk or not having enough of it. I’m so blessed to keep going strong for him and hopefully for many more months.

I feel like i have learnt so much in this process and have grown and gotten stronger in so many ways. Oh how many articles i’ve read and how much help i’ve asked for. Know that there’s always a way if there’s will and determination. And of course, i am always happy to chat and share some of my experiences!

  • is2g i can almost feel you glowing from this post. motherhood must have done something really blissful to you. it’s crazy how time flies by and realize your kiddo is older, even if it’s only 5 months old. keep going and good luck!

    • Thanks so much Elise!! Only 5 months, so little but yet feels so old!

  • Giving birth and feeding your children really is an empowering experience. After three pregnancies I can’t tell you how much respect I have for my body and what it has made possible. I might have more than a few pounds left over but I am at peace with that.
    I breastfeed my kids respectively 13 and 23 months and am going strong with my 9 month old. Who said you had to stop feeding on demand once you started with solids? Do as your guts tell you and listen to no one else than your motherly instinct. Do what feels right as long or as little as you wish. Every mother’s journey is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Be confident about the fact that you are doing just great. πŸ‘Š

    • Thanks so much Corinne! For some reason i had the feeling that he won’t be hungry as much anymore! But i’ll be always there to offer it ahah πŸ™‚

  • Happy 5 months to Jason! Breastfeeding is an incredible experience. Our bodies rock. I imagine our kiddos being internet friends one day!