Hello to the Sun

Hello to the Sun

I’ve been trying to learn a few lullabies to sing to J and i’ve mastered the “Hello to the Sun” one this morning while showering. There’s something about this one that i would listen even if i didn’t have a baby. So while singing it to Jason earlier, i swear to God this happened.

He started staring at me, and his eyes filled with tears.. and then his lower lip started trembling by the end of the song while he still kept listening! In the end he started crying a bit however ahah so my bet is that either he was surprised to hear me sing or my voice is really really bad lol.

It is a sunny day however and i really wanted to letter something today. I took these flower pictures back in Athens while we were waiting for J to arrive. I have tons of small pink roses and sunny white ones (not sure how they’re called?). So expect some moody designs coming your way soon!

  • You are just so insanely talented. I love each of your pieces more than the last. Seriously, I hope you pat yourself on the back every day because you’re doing really great stuff.

    xx Hannah // http://www.HomemadeBanana.com

  • Hajni Kele

    Ah had to check out Hello to the Sun! Too sweet! Very calming! x

  • omgg that reaction :’)