About the past few months…

About the past few months…

It’s been such a long time once again, but all for a good reason! Bringing a little person to life, can definitely change a lot in how you feel and the way you live. And that’s what’s pretty much happened to me ever since i got pregnant. The past 4 months have been all dedicated to my little Jason. At some point, i’ve been jealous of other bloggers and how they have time and even the emotional strength to be more social, keep up with their blogs and social media… while all i do all day is simply gauging at him. I guess, i feel so emotionally drained and i simply love every single moment with him and love living for at least a few months without the distraction of my phone or computer.

In lots of ways, it’s been refreshing! I honestly don’t know where to pick up now that September is here and vacation is over. J, has grown so much and soon he’ll be able to sit in our office in his playard playing with his toys while Theo and i get on with our work in the morning. Oh how i love my life imagining it with the kiddo in the picture!



My blog and social media needs tons of tlc (i really know how abandoned everything looks!) and i’ve missed  chatting and interacting with you all, and of course sharing everything i’ve been working on (while being a new mom). But all this time away is totally worth it. In this huge new chapter in our lives, i feel like i was 100% present. Can’t even put it to words how blessed i feel to be able to live the way we live. Take time away when needed, work from home with our baby just a few feet away, never needing to stress about leaving him or going back to work.


This summer, although it won’t be remembered for the crazy adventures, dreamy snaps from dreamy beaches as the previous ones, it will be for sure remembered as the most unique and precious one. I may have swam about an hour altogether this year, we may have visited the same beach for just a few times, but i was there seeing our little man enjoying swimming like nothing else, holding his hands, hearing his first laughs and seeing him roll over, or ask comfort from me when he cries. Just writing all these memories down, feel so surreal. I still feel like a 14 yo, so how that 14yo has a little baby to take care of, is beyond me!


The nights and sleep has been a struggle. We co-sleep ever since he was a few weeks old to make it easier and i’m pretty sure it’s been a lot easier than what i hear for others. I’ve missed sleeping more than 2 hours straight without waking up to see if he’s ok – but just one glance at his adorable little face takes away all the tiredness and grumpiness! I mean how can it not? Look at him 🙂 🙂


  • Hajni Kele

    OMG! Eyes so blue!!!!! He is utterly gorgeous! A handsome and strong little man! You are so right! Everthing can wait and these times are sooooo precious. You will engrave every moment of it and tap back into those memories for a long time! Enjoy my lovelies!

  • I was going to say the same thing about his eyes! Also he’s so big already 😀

  • I was so excited to see that you were writing a post today! I have loved watching your Insta stories but I have so missed your posts. But of course you need to be enjoying every moment with your little guy. He is SO CUTE I am overwhelmed. I feel like I want a baby right now, and that is rare hahah. Congratulations again and I look forward to whatever you choose to share next!


  • What beautiful photos and beautiful words. My heart is so full of happiness for you Corina! What a gorgeous little guy.


  • Megan Gilger

    My gosh girl, I love that you did this and you won’t regret that you did. Your career can wait. You are talented. That won’t change, but what does is that little one. Finding yourself in the midst of it all is the most important thing for him and you. I regret feeling the pressure to jump back in before I was ready. I am so proud of you. He is so sweet and you are doing amazing. Oh and they do sleep eventually I promise! I remember at like 8 months I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The first year is beautiful, raw, and amazing all the same breathe, but it gets simpler, things find their place, and eventually you see how it all works together again. Give yourself time bc you can. Grace is a beautiful thing in this time as you step one step at a time back into the world out of the haze of newborn life. Ps. He is so cute!!!

  • You’ll never regret taking this time to bond and love on your baby. Social media, etc., can wait. This time is fleeting, and before you know it he’ll be six and starting first grade and you’ll be wondering HOW DID IT GO SO FAST. Not that I’m there or anything. ????

  • He is so gorgeous, Corina. His little grin is like yours! I’m so glad you’ve prioritised your little guy and taken time out to adapt to the role of mumma. There’s so many more wonderful times to come. Enjoy!

  • Hajni Kele

    Oh I adore these pictures. Every single one of them! Such blissshining through them Corina. He is one happy lad with a content Mama. You look beautiful on the second ;)!

  • He is honestly so gorgeous! How could you not gaze into those eyes for hours? Enjoy every moment mama! xoxo