New in Portfolio: The Secret Death of Marilyn Monroe

New in Portfolio: The Secret Death of Marilyn Monroe

Of course it’s been a while since i posted once again, and every morning i make myself promise that it will be the day i set aside an hour at least to work on something fun. But life catches up, and those big blue baby eyes of Jason’s beg for every second and all my attention. You can hear my voice melting as i’m writing this, can’t you??

But, i had to drop by and share with you this super interesting project i was lucky to be part of! Kristine and i have worked (and keep working) on such interesting project – she simply gets me, and i get her, and we just click on every single thing we do together. So naturally, we nailed her website for her new documentary straight away.

The Secret Death of Marilyn Monroe, is one of her latest projects and you shouldn’t miss it. For those who are obsessed with that vintage Hollywood glam aesthetic, this is where i got my inspiration from. Not to mention Kristine’s  incredibly stylish sneak peek video.

The website is live, and below you’ll find my final mockup. This was so much fun, i got to know a bit deeper about Marilyn’s last moments as well as relive her beauty while researching the perfect photos and mood for the website. The contact section, was inspired by her little red diary, including a letter to JFK & the newspaper the day her death was announced.

Surely, a sad but yet an interesting case, that i hope i gave just to with a bit of grace and elegance.


  • such an interesting and fun project! the site is gorgeous!

  • It’s so lovely, Corina! I agree with Natalie; what a phenomenally fascinating project.

  • Danielle Hall

    Wow wow wow. I’ve always been so obsessed with Marilyn, what an amazing project to be a part of. Branding and Website looks gorgeous! You’ve captured her perfectly. xo

  • I absolutely love this design Corina! And it sounds like an amazing project to work on 🙂

    Do you also code/build the site or do you work closely with a developer?

  • Beautiful design! What a fun, unique project to work on!

  • Wow this is gorgeous, I love your design and the project indeed sounds very interesting.

  • I LOVE this! so elegant and beautiful and feels totally right for the subject matter.

  • Omg this is so stunning <3

  • I read the whole website! Fascinating but tragic. Your design is beautiful, as always! I definitely got the grace and elegance 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • late but HOLY SMOKES this is so beautiful. i like that your lettering is borderline romantic and sensitive and melancholy. full of raw emotion and so many unsaid words in the loops and lines. wonderful. congrats <3

  • Katha Zander

    I LOVE Marilyn and I think you created a really beautiful design, as usual 🙂 What an amazing project to be a part of…

    I was wondering how you and your client handled the usage of the Marilyn images on the website. Did you have to get a license to use them?