Summer Sundays

Summer Sundays

It’s high time i acknowledged the fact that it’s summer you guys! A little late in the game i know – you’re probably already sipping margaritas by the pool. This past week has felt a lot like June (at last!) and spending summer with the babe is really something. Yesterday, we had our first trip to the beach, where he slept pretty much the whole time. Hah, i guess at 2 months old, you’re too young to be excited by the waves and sand between your toes.

Things have been very nice and peaceful at this side of the world. Smooth projects, back to work, slowly making time for personal projects as well. I’m so lucky to have the support of my dear hubby and family so we’re mostly enjoying our little guy’s every day achievements and smiles. Like, when he showed interest and tried to grab his toy for the first time a couple of hours ago.. which of course was followed by shedding a few tears by his dear mother. Something that happens a lot around here lately 😀

  • Aww I love reading about you and Jason. Hope to see more photos of him on the blog! Sending you lots of hugs and kisses your way xx

  • So glad things are going well for you. I think your little one’s approach to the beach is pretty much my ideal – sleeping by the sound of the ocean. Hope you have a lovely summer!

    – Natalie