Holly cow! Where do i even begin? I don’t think i’ll ever have the vocabulary to fully describe everything that happened the past month.

This little starshine arrived on May 29th, Saturday and made Theo and i parents. I can’t say i was fully prepared for everything i would feel that day. Physically, but mostly emotionally. Lots of tears, lots of happiness and a hell lot of love explosion. As if my heart has doubled in size for his little cute footsies.

I’ve received so many comments, tweets, emails to congratulate us, i can’t thank you enough for keeping us in your minds. Labor was quick and easy – well, as easy as it can be! With no complications, Jason arrived in about 9 hours and we’re inseparable ever since! Theo and i spent most of our days just being a mom and a dad. Breastfeeding, changing lots of diapers and trying to cheat one another on who’s turn is to hold our little baby. Pure bliss!

Haven’t been much around social media or this space, i know! Even writing this post today took more time and effort than i though it would. I fee like, this first month i had this need to log out of everything and fully appreciate every second in our new life, without the destruction of my phone. And it totally paid off! Time went by, so quickly, as we already celebrated his 1st month birthday. But i vividly remember how tiny he was when he arrived in this world, and how he smelled and  the tiny adorable sounds he made.

I’ll be slowly easing back to blogging and social media from now on, with the summer being here and myself being more inspired than ever. Can’t wait to share more about our new little adventures!