Santorini Dreaming

Santorini Dreaming

Exactly a year ago, we were living the dream while visiting Santorini for three days. Exactly two years ago, we were travelling to Berlin and Paris for a conference and my collaboration line with Pimkie. Oh how time flies by!

This is the first year we haven’t travelled anywhere, because well, more exciting things are coming! I was looking back at some memories for the past 7 years with Theo and i literally broke down to tears. We truly looked like babies in 2010.

Then i found these shots i hadn’t shared here. A little minimal and abstract and thought i’d show them to you. Although our trip to Santorini was chaotic – a photoshoot for our shop in just two days. But other than that, the few moments we had to ourselves without panicking were simply out of this world.



I’m not going to lie, we spent tons of money in these two/three days. But boy was it worth it! We were lucky enough to visit in April, where it wasn’t as chaotic as in the middle of summer. If you want to experience a dream like paradise this is it. The moment you step your foot and look at that view, you’ll probably get the feeling you’re flying.

At the same time, the white and pastel houses make this place even more unreal. I vividly remember not believe my eyes and being aware of all that space surrounding me. Feeling exposed and at the same time surrounded all that endless blue. Looking outside our room’s window you’d think we were looking at a postcard – and we were.






If you’re looking for inspiration, this is the place to be. Every step is simply picture perfect. From the architecture, to the minimalism, the colours and forms. Even the colour of the earth and oh that magical sunset.

I thought Santorini was overrated, but looking back now i have so many dreamy things to remember. That magical sunset we sat in our warm jacuzzi and watched the flaming sun dive in the sea, with a glass of white wine. If it could get any better, right after it all the lights lit on and right below us all the little houses looked like flying fireflies.

I bet you all are already planning or might have planned  your vacation. For us, it will be vacation on our island, but probably not same as the previous years. Hope i spread some wanderlust and inspiration to you all! A little something to get us through the week.




  • Maja Harder Thygesen

    wauw love love love it! I am going there in exactly one month and I can’t wait. I hope it is as beautiful as in the pictures

  • I’ve never been to Santorini before, but I’ve seen so many pictures online, and I can’t believe that it’s a real place! I remember the photos you got for your shop and they turned out so well 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Excuse me while I book a trip to Santorini. This pictures are FANTASTIC!

    Colleen Welsch | Freelance Writer

  • Ahh… I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again: I really, really – like seriously – want to go there. Your pictures are breathtaking. Exactly what I needed today. xx

  • This is the one place i’m dying to visit next! everything is so fresh, clean, and beautiful!!!

  • Your photography is exquisite. I love that you captured this place in such an abstract, calm way. Also reading this made me realize 2010 was 7 years ago and I almost died. How is this possible??? Anyways, beautiful post!


  • Wow, just wow.