Let’s Talk about Dreams

Let’s Talk about Dreams

Today marks week 38 for my -not so little anymore- belly and you can only imagine the anticipation level we’ve reached. Everything is ready, everyone prepared and any time now, we’ll be holding our little guy.

At the same time, although i should normally feel like slowing down, quite the opposite my mind is scheming and planning the next steps. The past few years in my freelancing and business building career, one i’ve learnt is that you can literally achieve anything you put your mind onto. No exceptions. All you need is hard work, a plan, determination and passion.

If we start talking about dreams, oh i have so many of them! I only wish i could clone myself and start working on each and every project i have in my mind. From the silk scarves we talked about the other day, to a summer inspired clothing / swimwear line, wallpaper design, textiles, homeware..don’t get me started. Were i’m loosing my thoughts entirely, is where do you stop? How do you choose which one is the right one to pursue especially when you have so many of them?

I guess just having them, is a great start for motivation isn’t it?

  • Beautiful!!!!

  • I feel like you can’t really choose the wrong dream to reach for, as long as you’re still dreaming and as long as you’re trying – I would rather run after as many as I can than regret not trying. If I could get an extra pair of hands that would also be great!

    – Natalie

  • I find your words “that you can literally achieve anything you put your mind into” extremely inspiring and uplifting. It is a wonderful phrase to remember especially on the bad days whenever self-doubt is present.

    I can’t wait to see your summer inspired swimwear and everything else you come up with 🙂 The more dreams you have, the more you create, the better it is I think!

  • Having too many dreams to choose from is a good problem to have! 😉 It’s all about prioritising; I believe that you can do all of them if you want to! <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • OMG! It’s getting so close to baby time. Excited!
    Back to your topic … I always want to clone myself. The first clone would take over all the business tasks I am always putting off, like sending queries to collaborators and marketing my business.