36 Weeks & A Happy baby bump

36 Weeks & A Happy baby bump

I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes, trying to put my thoughts into words but it’s just not going to happen. How can someone describe the feeling that they’re only four weeks away from bring a baby to this world? It feels so big and at the same time so unreal. It’s so unreal that i almost sometimes forget that i’m pregnant and feel that our lives will go on as they are.

Maternity shots are not a thing here – i even had to convince Theo to take a few shots of for that reason. We don’t intend to have a second baby for lots of reasons, and although i could go on with my iPhone shots here and there, i really wanted to look like i didn’t just wake up for once. So i got my hair did and put on some makeup and thank god for the weather i was able to walk barefoot on the sand. Looking at these pictures i feel a little self conscious, but i’ve shared raw and unfiltered posts for the past years, so why stop now?



Honestly, i’m in a great place right now. Pregnancy finally feels like i imagined it to be – happy, glowy and exciting. Most of the day i feel so blessed and special. Jason already shows us his character which makes me silently “aw” the whole time. He loves kicking me on my ribs, he generally loves moving, but thank you little guy for sleeping whenever i sleep. He calms down when daddy puts his hand on my belly and we loves listening to the Harry Potter theme (of course he’s my son). We’ve seen him having his little foot on his ear and we’ve already seen him suck his thumb.


We’re soon leaving our tiny piece of land to spend a month in Athens so we can be close to the hospital just in case. Although i hate being away from home and our furry family, getting ready, doing all the final shopping and being close to family makes this experience even more special. I don’t think i can even imagine how birth is going to feel, but i couldn’t be more lucky having everyone i love with me and most of all having the most loving, caring partner i could ever ask for.





  • I’m also anticipating 4 weeks, but for a different reason (summer break!!!). We’ll both be counting down for exciting things together! I admit yours is a little more monumental ;P Love love love these unfiltered shots and I just know that the rawness that these photos capture will be so precious for you to look back on! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • You are radiant!! These photos will be so special to look back on in the future and to show to your sweet baby in few years. <3

  • Just beautiful! I love the black and white photos. You will conquer birth just as countless women have before you, regardless of how it happens. We kinda rock like that xx All the best!

  • You look gorgeous! I’m glad you’re sharing bits of your happiness, the world needs a lot more of it.

  • You are positively GLOWING! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Best of luck with the pregnancy, you’ll be an amazing mom. I mean, he’s already listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack, you can’t get any better than that!

    xx Vanille

  • you are such a goddess mama! what gorgeous photos – I am so excited for you Corina 🙂 Much love! XO

  • beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

  • Aw you look so beautiful, congratulations!! 🙂

  • Lovely pics! You look amazing. Best of luck on the delivery & recovery & all that comes after. 🙂

  • These pictures are so beautiful! I felt the same as you at 36 weeks- pregnancy suddenly became enjoyable and so exciting! I hope you can relax the next few weeks and wishing you all the best- it’s a rollercoaster but a lovely one too!