Tropico Wallpaper

Tropico Wallpaper

Vintage tropical patterns, white linen, white lace, woven shoes, bags, straw hats.. that’s pretty much everything that has been on my mind lately. I’ve literally have fallen in love with my Pinterest all over again the past couple of months and the dream girl on my Wear & Styled boards.

Psst.. i may be toying with the idea of creating silk scarves -you know the ones that you can wear as tops too- and i may have been practising on some woven beach bags. When i can’t find what i like, you know me.. i’m all about making it myself. So who knows, maybe one day i’ll launch a few different things on my shop at last!

This tropical piece was an experiment of colour play and vintage mood. A pattern i would love to wear as a scarf maybe? So far it sits on my desktop and i’m sharing it with you as well!

Download wallpaper below

Desktop Tropico

Personal Use Only


  • omg silk scarves?? I love that idea! Also I love bird of paradise flowers because my family’s first house had them in the backyard, so there is some sentimentality for me 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Can you believe I’ve been researching plants for my terrace today and these are serious contenders? Love it!

  • The picture you painted of summer is exactly what I’m longing for. I saw a glimpse of the sun over the weekend and now I just want to be in full on sandals and linen mode, even though I’ll miss my jumpers


  • Yummy colours, and totally the vibes I’ve been craving – it is so so grey here and I am so looking forward to colour! and summer!

  • Um yes please!