TFL 61: Boost Your Creativity – The Ultimate Guide

TFL 61: Boost Your Creativity – The Ultimate Guide

Oh boy! Can’t believe it’s a bit over a week since i last posted here. Believe me if you want, but every day i wake up racing with time in order to make it to writing a post or doing something for the blog. The past week showed me just how much more effort everything needs when your life is under so many changes. Which is why, i thought it was high time i shared this creativity post i’ve been keeping in my notes for over 6 months now!

I’ve shared a lot of Freelance Life creativity posts in the past (1,2,3,4) as this is one of my favourite topics. How can it not be? Having a creative lifestyle, all you ever want is to be more creative, original or never lose your spark. As years go by, i’ve gathered a lot of interesting information here and there and i’m sharing basically everything i know and do in this creativity post.

It all starts with the stimulation of divergent thinking. Simply put, generating many different ideas about a concept. To me, it’s thinking without boundaries, unlocking your mind and simply thinking outside the box our routine has put us in. In order to wake up your divergent thinking, you need to practise and practise and then practise some more. Here is my quick and very simple guide to make yourself more creative.

01. Do something creative daily

This one may sound silly to begin with, but it’s the simplest rule. The more creative you the more creativity you produce. Allow yourself to brainstorm on a daily basis and create something new. Whether that’s drawing, decorating, writing a song or a poem you name it!


02. Try something new every day

It could be something big or something small. From trying out a new food or spice, to listening to a different genre of music, or simply changing your route home or daily walk. Be open to new experiences – the more experiences you have, the more creative you’ll become.


03. Mess up your daily routine

This one is my favourite and always work like magic when i need to refresh myself. So let’s say your morning routine includes getting up from the bed, drinking coffee while going through Pinterest and then having a shower. Why not having a shower first while turning on the volume to some uplifting music and then having a cup of coffee on the balcony? It could be something simple but will make the day feel a lot more special and exciting.


04. Exercise one divergent thinking every day

Here is where you need to invest some time in order to move to the next level. There are quire a lot of different exercises to make yourself more creative, all super simple and super fun. Here are four of my very favourites.

Divergent thinking exercises



You might have caught me talking about this one on posts a few years ago. “Sometimes i believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast”. No wonder Alice in Wonderland was so creatively bonkers! Lewis Carroll had it right. In order to unlock your brain, you need to start thinking differently. So why not six impossible things every day? You’ll find yourself inventing more and more odd things as days go by! The “What If” exercise is along the same lines.

You can take a step further and give more examples of that one impossible thing. For example.. “What if… our feet had wheels?” – 1. We would never be late on our dates. 2. We would be covered in bruises 3. Showering in a bath would be painful 4. Pedicures would dry faster 5. Walks on beaches would be more fun 6. We would take dancing to a whole new level



Alternate Uses Test


Another easy and favourite one! My favourite thing about these tests is that you can do them anywhere and as many times in a day as you want. In this test, you are asked to list as many possible uses for a common item. You can either set a timer and count as many as you can, or set a limit of lets say find 10 different uses as fast as you can. As countdowns stress the hell out of me, i do the second one.

Try to think outside of the normal way you would use this item. For example: How else would you use a newspaper (reading it obviously doesn’t count as an answer).

1. Make a confetti out of it 2. Make a crane origami 3. Warp a bouquet of flowers 4. Make a basket with some glue 5. Newspaper bunting 6. Recycle 7. Basket balls 8. Make a cone and put pop corn in it 9. Give a box full of newspaper to my cat 10. Clean the window glass with it (our grandmas used to do that)

The Torrance Test of creative thinking


And for last, the one and ultimate creativity test. It’s a test of creativity that with simple shape tests of divergent thinking scores you for fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. The basic idea here is to complete simple shapes and visualise beyond the expected. Have someone or yourself, draw one two or three shapes or lines on a piece of paper. On that paper, use these shapes to draw something that comes in your mind out of these shapes.

Try to think the unexpected and create a story with your drawings instead of drawing simple shapes and ideas. A triangle, could be a part of a hilltop where skiers are skiing, or the roof of a cabin on a snowy mountain. You can either use the shapes as they are, combine them in a picture or complete partial pictures.

Focus on the fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.


  • ah I love this so much! You’re so inspiring and now we can inspire ourselves as well 😀 I like the idea of doing something creative daily. The more ideas you put out, the more you get back ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • That’s exactly it! Although i love taking breaks, whenever i do i find it so difficult to come up with creative ideas afterwards!

  • Yay, your TFL posts are my absolute favourites! I love the divergent thinking exercises

    – Natalie

    • Thanks Natalie! They’re so fun aren’t they?

  • I can SO relate to this! I’ve only just started blogging and it’s definitely already a struggle trying to find time to write posts on top of all of my freelance work and other personal projects!

    Having a routine is great when you need to be on auto-pilot but you’re right, you need to make time for yourself and your creativity, so I really love the idea of doing something creative everyday (your never know where it might take you!) and messing up your routine.

    Thanks for the motivation <3


    • My pleasure! I can totally relate with what you’re describing!

  • Hajni Kele

    Wow! This is truly amazing and so spot on! Fantastic write up – it is all fascinating stuff. I can so relate too even though most of what you mention one does without thinking I bet these exercises really boost it all big time. Thank You for sharing it! I will print it off as reminder!
    I myself now with the stretch in the daylight notice that ideas spark much quicker! It is good to have them ticked off the list too even if slowly. Little J will be hopefully enjoy the fruits of it soon! Pack is going out on Wednesday ;)! Squeeeeeek! x

    • Aw! I always love hearing form you Hajni! It makes me so happy to hear you found this post helpful!

  • I seriously love your gifs! So fun 🙂 and such a great post on creativity!

  • Excuse my language, girl. But… this post is FUCKING AWESOME. I love it <3 so, so motivating to beat a creative block. Filakia my dear! You rock.

    • Thanks so much love!! So happy to hear you found it helpful!!! 😀

  • Ooh I love these and really look forward to trying my hand at some soon as creativity is something I definitely struggle with. Not that I don’t ever have imaginative thoughts – I just tend to be more comfortable drawing what I know. At some point I’d like to transition into pushing myself to create the unexpected; these will help!

    • I totally get what you mean Asti! Experimenting more with different styles and tools definitely puts you out of your comfort zone and might make you tense, but oh you’ll definitely get more creative!

  • Obsessed! This is such a beautiful and helpful post!!

  • Lisa Weigl

    just what I needed! thanks so much!
    (and in general – your website ist amazing!)

    • Thanks so much Lisa!! Hope you find it very helpful 😀

  • Love this post! The divergent thinking exercises are brilliant. One question: Is there a fourth one, or is that a typo? Just curious because I want even more exercises. 🙂

    • Thanks Vanessa! Happy to hear you did! Oh did i mention four?? I cannot find where?!

  • Hah! Happy to hear that! Hope you find it making you more creative!

  • Oooh I love this post. Great advice <3