TFL 60: Social Media Break – The New Luxury

TFL 60: Social Media Break – The New Luxury

Having finished the days work, you sit on the couch to stretch your legs, and the first thing you do is drift away in your phone. Pinterest, Twitter,Iinstagram, Facebook. There’s this constant need to check our social media, or simply have our phones in hand even when we don’t need to. It feels a lot like a compulsive disorder or simply an addiction we have these days. But it’s not the need that bothers me, but the fact that we simply never get bored or rest.

No wonder i keep reading so often on blogs and articles, how “taking a break from social media is needed”, “why taking a break from social media will make you happy”, and “how to take a break from social media”. I’ve had my fair share of breaking up with social media since September. The pregnancy naturally turned me into an introvert out of a sudden and i’ve been trying to break free for the past few months. I do miss being more vocal, and active, but i love how peaceful and stress free my brain is.


I’m not going to share the how, why and when taking a break from social media. I bet you already know that or read an article already. To each his own. For some social media is a way to be inspired, to others it’s their way to share their work and attract clients and to some it’s just for fun. While cutting off yourself from social media completely for a peace of mind sounds stressful, you might want to contain the time you spend there instead.

Finding a balance is the best solution. What really worked for me is to be on SM for a specific time in a day. During the day, on my breaks between work, after lunch and a little less on the weekends. Waking up, has become much faster as i don’t drift away in my phone. Evenings are more peaceful and i can finally relax by not being “locked” in front of a screen. And most importantly, notifications for everything, are turned off. No need for distractions. When it’s time, i’ll know who commented on my pictures.

  • I’m currently on a social media break. One of my new year’s resolution is to lessen my usage of it. So far, I’m doing good and realized a lot of things. However, I still couldn’t say that I don’t need social media which is very ironic for a blogger. Hahaha! 😀

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • Totally get you!! I wouldn’t be able to stay away from social media for the sake of my work and future! THIS is our job, other than just pleasure and inspiration. But i just feel there should be a better balance without having to feel like throwing the phone out of the window every day.

  • I really love this! I’ve stopped checking in so often and sometimes I feel guilty for not responding to someone faster, but the pleasure of not being attached to my phone 24/7 definitely outweighs that.

    • Same here, i might take a day or two and sometimes forget all about it.. oops! But you know what, as i read somewhere the world doesn’t depend on you responding on time. Sometimes setting priorities and putting more important things first keeps us sane and happy

  • I love this graphic, so chic! I also totally agree with your tips. I tend to check SM during the day when I have time and while I wait for dinner to cook. That way I can be tucked into bed with either a good book or a great show at night. I definitely never look at my phone when I wake up! Otherwise, I’d be late for work all the time 🙂

    • Haha i love that – yes! For me during the day it’s acceptable, but i value my “me” time so much. And if i’ve done a fair amount of sm during the day, i’m good to rest for quite some time!

  • I agree with so much of this. I really value my evenings away from my laptop, with a book and a cup of tea. I’m also trying not to constantly refresh my social feeds during the day, they’ll keep going on without me!

    – Natalie

    • Exactly! That feeling there is so precious – staying away from the screen and just enjoying the peace of your mind right?

  • Emma Hu

    Totally. I do feel more anxious when I’m scrolling through social media posts but just can’t help it for most of the time… I really miss the time I lost my phone on my vacation last year – I finished three books a week and never felt so light minded. Thank you for reminding me of that. 🙂

    • Ah that sounds so good! I’ve found myself abandoning my phone in a room for a whole day and completely forgetting about it. And it feels SO good!!

  • rae

    I definitely think that it is all about balance as with every facet of our lives. I def. think that a full on break every now and then is a super smart move and completely necessary for us to retain our own sanity. I always try to break my social media use into two categories as well – social media work for my business/work purposes and social media for pleasure.

    Rae | LFB Blogazine

    • That’s a great idea! I never thought of separating the two of those

  • I really need to slow down, but it’s so hard!

    • It gets a lot easier once you make the first steps – i promise!

  • Shauna Haider

    I agree with this and it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately also. As creatives, we’re constantly thinking up new ideas, working on projects and answering emails….and there has to be a time during the day to just REST! Every waking moment doesn’t need to be filled up just because. It’s a tough balance, though when new work often comes from sharing online. 😉

    • Exactly my thoughts Shauna! It’s a very fine line there, especially when sm brings in new clients and work

  • I totally agree lady! Sometimes it’s totally fine to scroll through my feeds mindlessly and on other days – especially on weekends – I forget to do so all day. It should never feel like a must, I guess, and somehow I intuitively know when to step back 🙂

    • You’re so lucky!! It’s a great thing that you intuition tells you when to stop. I wish i was more like that 😀

  • I had my own social media purge last April and it felt so good! I eventually got back on to promote blog stuff, but I’ve become much less reliant on it. Although lately I’ve been trying to get back in the Instagram game… but I don’t like Instagram?? but sometimes it’s helpful?? Still debating whether or not I’ll stick to it 😛 Also loving those two sketches at the bottom 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Haha i feel you!! I LOVE Instagram, but for some reason i just can’t seem to get back to it since September. The fact that i don’t go out as much, my Instagram pictures are more summer based and it’s been really dull and cold here hasn’t helped as much! But yes, Instagram IS helpful and working on it will definitely pay off!

  • Limited yourself to specific times makes a lot of sense. I’ve had nofications turned off since I got my new phone this time last year, espeically emails. I like your perspective on this.

    Buckets & Spades

    • Yes! Turning off email notifications has been like the best thing i’ve ever done. It made me so stressed to hear the notifications even when i was out of the office. I started by turning off the sounds and then the notifications overall. Now i’m not tempted to check them and stress about work when i’m not in the office and focus on relaxing 😀