Proud to be a woman

Proud to be a woman

To all my ladies out there, Happy Women’s Day!

To be quite honest with i didn’t celebrate this day all the previous years. This one however, i feel so empowered by everything going on globally. I’m inspired by the unity, all the powerful women i know and admire and with everything going on with my body at the moment.

Most of all, i feel so lucky and privileged to be a woman in this era, as well as having everything i have, including the right to be heard and be equal.

We may seem to forget that often, but we have so much while other have little. While battling for what is right in our era, my thoughts go to all the strong women around the world who are not as privileged and have to endure the unjustice.

Mothers, sisters, friends, lovers and wives. We fight, we love, we create and we speak with a fiery passion. And for that, I admire and love you all.

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  • rae

    Such a positive post, Corina! Love it. And the same goes for me. This is the first year I celebrated the day, as I think as you said it is more relevant than ever. Despite us living in an incredible time, there is just so much to fight for!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Thank you so much Rae! I feel like we can achieve more and more as we unite and love each other

  • happy intl’ women’s day to you too, corina!
    i never commented because i’m just watching and admiring your blog from afar, like a strange timid fan because i am but i love your blog so much!

    • Aw thank you SO much Elise!! I’m so honoured that you commented it’s so lovely to see you around here 😀

  • I admire and love you too!! <33

  • Proud to be a woman and proud to be able to connect with such creative and talented women like you!

    • Thanks so much Jane! Love all the loving mood going on this post 😀