Our Nursery Moodboard

Our Nursery Moodboard

I know i know, i promised months ago to keep you updated on the nursery process, but trust me. It has been a lot more difficult than i thought it would be! For some reason i thought that designing a nursery would be pretty much the same as designing a brand, but i wish someone told me that i was wrong. Overall, i had a very clean idea of what i wanted for the nursery from the moment we found i was pregnant. Clean, bright, woodsy and a bit of folk.

I never got to do a mood board for some reason, until this very moment. All my ideas are stored in pins on a secret board and that was pretty much my virtual mood board. When we first started buying the first furniture, i was so stressed about finishing everything and having the nursery done and ready way before baby arrives. Now, i laugh at myself knowing that it won’t be and i’ll be probably putting the final touches when Jason arrives.

So far, we have all the important things done. Painting the room, put up the shelves, the cot is ready as well as the dresser. For the last one, we used an ikea dresser that works out perfectly after we changed the doorknobs to gold ones. Now all we need is the final touches like artworks, toys, mirrors and decorations.

Overall, the room has a lot of white and wooden elements, gold and bright pops of colour. This lama was my main inspiration for a big part of it 🙂 I never told you the story of how for a whole month we thought i was having a girl did i? Well, a lot of my planning involved a nursery for a baby girl, that turned into a fear of having a too girly nursery for a baby boy.

I guess this mood board was a good start to set up a general guide for our final touches. I know not everyone’s into baby / nursery posts, and i’m really not great at them ahah so the next one will be a photoshoot of the finished room. Crossing my fingers it will turn out as i imagine it!


Deer Hook | Wire Basket | Mirror | Swan Doll

Natural Basket | Rino Hook | Moroccan Rug | Folk Pillow

  • So pretty! It is hard but you are rocking an interior design board! Now, so looking forward to seeing the actual room 😀

    • Aw thank you Eleni!! It’s so difficult, i seriously don’t know how you guys do it!

  • gorgeous! I can’t wait to see photos!

  • Hajni Kele

    Well well well gorgeous and more gorgeous! I heard You! I better send on my “folksy” “pop of colour” “forest” addition before this designing gets to elaborate :))))! Next week!

    • Hahah forest and folksy it’s all in! Not sure how i’m going to do this but i’m hoping it will look good lol

  • Love the swan doll and teepee! I love the natural, calm vibes 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you so much Audrey! Can’t wait to finish it already!

  • I am sure you’ll be fine! I love love love that a llama inspired your very first nursery idea! I mean who can actually say that about themselves?! It’s unique and adventurous and fun – and in my book these are great signs that Jason will feel so welcome and happy and overall content in his new room <3

    • Thank you Martina!!!! We’re hoping to give the best to Jason and make him the most adventurous little guy <3

  • So excited to see it come together!! What a beautiful mood board.

    • Aw me too Julia!! And once again congrats on the little guy!!

  • I can’t wait to see how it it turns out! You should look on Indego Africa, they have the most darling baskets and little tabletop things that would go so well with this vibe. 🙂 x

    • Oh my goodness i did!! It’s like this brand is made for everything i love – i have no idea how i hadn’t noticed it before! Thanks so much for introducing it to me!

  • Thank you Breanna!! We picked a similar carpet to this one, with a few bits of colours, but looking really soft!

  • Omg, can I move into this nursery! It’s so cozy and natural!

    • Hah i just worked from his nursery this morning – it’s so warm and cozy indeed 😀