Hell Yeah it’s Friday

Hell Yeah it’s Friday

The sun is still up in the sky, the birds are singing and i’m sitting by the pool with my laptop. There was an idea of creating a line art totem (which i haven’t done in ages), but everything is so alluring and inviting me to join in. So something simpler will do. I quickly snug a shot of our lilies (those curves!) and just feeling blessed that it’s Friday again.

Here are few fun things and exciting things i’d love to share with you on this beautiful day! This morning i shared a bit of Jason’s nursery progress on my Instagram stories. We still got a lot of things to do (such as putting up the artworks + carpet) but you can definitely get a feel of what’s going on. So many special details that we all put our hand in creating.

You might have noticed that my style has changed quite a lot the past year. More fun, more colours, more pink, more illustrating. I don’t quite know how i feel about it, as i always had a much moodier black & gold style, but so far i’m rolling with it. I’m even currently working with two dream brands (that you all love) based on that very same style. On the same note, Sonix released another case i lettered for them “The Future is Female” – gotta love the motivation! And lastly, another really exciting and familiar feeling, seeing your name as an illustrator on Amazon. An interesting project that i can’t wait to tell you all about – for now you can preorder!

Hope y’all enjoy the weekend and crossing my fingers it’s sunny too!

  • So many exciting things going on with you! Congrats! Love this photo. The organic lines are so calming, and I definitely could do with more calm after this chaotic week! I’m looking forward to warmer weather, although where I am, it’s looking like it’ll be quite a bit rainy too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you Audrey – i was so in love with this organic line in the middle as well. It was the first and only shot i took actually! Sending some warm sunny weather your way!

  • It’s only natural that your style will change especially when working on different types of projects. Looking forward to hearing more about your new ones! Happy weekend!

    • Thanks so much Rowena! The great thing is that i never get bored 😀

  • Yes I loved keeping up with your Instagram stories! So excited for all the exciting things to come!


    • Hah thanks Jenna! I love sharing them although i wish i remembered to share them more often!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying them at least 😀