Here’s to the fools who dream

Here’s to the fools who dream

Boy, wasn’t that a GREAT movie! Can’t hide the fact that i’ve been listening / singing the songs for the past three days now. It was so great to leave the theatre feeling inspired, hopeful, emotional, full of pure joy (and a few tears).

Yes, i can totally see what’s the whole deal about La La Land. People don’t make movies about dreams any more and i can’t remember when i last saw a move where i felt so much happiness and so connected to the characters – not to mention touched by the songs and music.  I have always been a dreamer, and vividly remember being laughed at quite a lot in high school about being one. Thank you for the beautiful reminder La La Land, i won’t give up on my dreams and when i reach them, i’ll create new ones.

  • I kept listening to City of Stars over and over again after watching the film! 😀 The cinematography was beauuuutiful. And that ending!! // The typography and illustration are gorgeous 🙂 (is the yellow text supposed to read “crazy as they may seem”?) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Ah, yes i did change it slightly now i realise i shouldn’t have LOL!!

  • Nereida Martinez

    So lovely!!

  • Still haven’t seen it, arghhhh!

    • You really have to, and you’ll want to watch it again and again trust me!

      • Okay that’s it, I’m going to see it right now. Keep you posted! 😉

        • Oohh! I’m excited and eager to hear what you thought!

          • I absolutely LOVED it! Make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Totally get what you were saying before. This is a keeper!

          • SO happy to hear that you liked it Ineke!! It was so good right??!?!

  • I absolutely loved this movie, it was so brilliant! I can’t wait to watch it again…

    • Me too!! We almost went back the very next day 🙂

  • I just talked to Meg about this and we both agreed that this is for the dreamers and that it’s such an important movie right now. We need some positivity more than anything. Glad it inspired you too <3

    • Such an important movie indeed! I’m hoping to see it take all the oscars 😀

  • SO true! But it was also so heartbreaking

  • I needed some time, but I fell in love with this film, too. I still sing the songs when I’m alone xD
    Your illustration is so beautiful! I wanted to ask if it’s okay for you if I use this picture as a avatar in another social media if i give the url to your pinterest page as a source?
    have a nice day!