Twenty – eight and one day. Boy i was dreading for this moment! This number always felt enormous in my mind, and i was never one to dread ageing. I mean, as always i still feel like i’m 14, but i’m not intimidated by the first wrinkles or the fact that this year i’ll become a mom (gulp, who me?). But this year, more than any other, i imagined that this specific number would make me feel older, less adventurous and less and less me.

But, when you’re surrounding by incredible people who love you like mine do – these thoughts never actually reach your heart. I spent an incredible birthday yesterday, with the day off with Theo, dinner, birthday cakes and wine with friends and lots of warm wishes from everyone i know. Hey, today 28 doesn’t feel as bad i thought it would! Instead, i’m full of joy, determined to be the best version of myself and a little closer to who i envision to be.

So cheers to ageing gracefully, without drama and tears. And cheers to all the amazing things this year has to offer!

Our almond tree bloomed last week, and all i can see from my couch, is these beautiful almond blossoms. I really hadn’t realised how much i’ve missed the sun and warmth on my skin, until i heard the birds singing and worked from the balcony last Friday.

There was this reflection on the wall, from Bella’s water bowl, that felt like fire and it instantly gave me heat wave mood and summer vibes. Cannot hide you that i’m already browsing some new kinis and sliders. Even though, we just woke up on a very cloudy and rainy Monday.

Boy, wasn’t that a GREAT movie! Can’t hide the fact that i’ve been listening / singing the songs for the past three days now. It was so great to leave the theatre feeling inspired, hopeful, emotional, full of pure joy (and a few tears).

Yes, i can totally see what’s the whole deal about La La Land. People don’t make movies about dreams any more and i can’t remember when i last saw a move where i felt so much happiness and so connected to the characters – not to mention touched by the songs and music.  I have always been a dreamer, and vividly remember being laughed at quite a lot in high school about being one. Thank you for the beautiful reminder La La Land, i won’t give up on my dreams and when i reach them, i’ll create new ones.

Last Sunday, we took advantage of the rare sunny weather and went on a nice long walk by the beach. Surprisingly, life happens and i don't get to enjoy everything the island has to offer me often. Most of the times we just simply have too much to do, having only the evenings to watch a movie, relax and recharge for the next day.

The past couple of weeks have been one of the most stressful in my life, as it's what happens when big changes are coming. I surprised myself by how difficult it was to stay positive as i usually do, but i always have my other -positive- half to bring me back to normal myself.

Today i feel like a new me focusing on my achievements and not my failures. Above all, i want to encourage you all to do more of the things you love every day. Stop being held back by the things you can't do, and focus on what you can do and how you can make it better.

We have just the right plans for the mood tonight.. La La land! I bet this movie will make me see everything so much brighter. Here's to enjoying life a little more! You can also download an iPhone wallpaper of this artwork here.

When i said i was really into illustrating lately, i wasn’t kidding! We managed to update our Hand Drawn sticker pack right in time for Valentine’s Day last week and not only that. I redesigned all the stickers and added a few more, with a total of 55 right now. I may be going a little crazy with these cute little things, but i intend to add a few more every couple of months.

You know me, i’m all about spreading love and positive vibes, so for me this is not just a Valentine’s Day sticker pack, but a way to put a smile on someone’s face. And in case you didn’t hear, we launched a whole pack for Mr. Avocado, which i’ll be sharing more about as well as the process later on the blog!

Grab it while it’s hot!





It’s been a long time since i had some fun with illustrator and personal projects. I’ve been working mostly on Photoshop these days, illustrating and creating textures & patterns. So this quick one is simply good for the soul. I’ve wanted to do a palmistry line art for quite a while now, and since i couldn’t decide between astral and crystals and a strict palmistry design i mashed everything up into one.

Although i have no idea how palmistry works, i’m really intrigued to find out. Mostly because i’m fascinated by all the symbols and meanings. And since i love drawing hands, a second one might make its appearance to teach us how to read the future and past in our hands.