TFL 59: Make Yourself Happy while Freelancing

TFL 59: Make Yourself Happy while Freelancing

Lately, i’ve come to realise that every season i am in need of change. Mostly when it comes to my routine and the things that work for me in my daily life. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll remember my previous posts and updates on the different ways i’ve kept myself happy and sane ever since i started freelancing. I’m not going to say that what we do is the most difficult job in the world – in fact, it’s a lot of people’s dream! But, i’m sure you will agree with me when i say that it’s most definitely tricky to keep yourself in balance.

Which is why every now and then, i like to spice up my daily 9-5, in order to keep the creative juices flowing and avoid burning myself. At the beginning of the year, i focused on changes that would a. make me feeling fresher and b. make me more creative. Here are a few of the major things i changed.

MY personal Creative day

Boy do i love this one! It wasn’t easy to incorporate an addition to the weekend day off from client project, but i just went with it. There were so many personal project that i just didn’t have to the time to work on. The Courses, my sticker apps, the shop, all were postponed from day to day, until i had to be completely honest with myself. There wouldn’t be any free time handed to me, unless i made room for it.


At first, i thought this would create a complete chaos, but surprisingly things haven’t changed at all. I still got plenty of time for client projects and something to look for in the week. A whole day, to work on anything i want and most importantly, investing on my business and creativity.



Redefining personal style

Not quite sure if that’s because i’m such an ocd freak, and maybe not a lot of creatives are doing this. But whenever i find myself in a dark place or feel like like the wind is blowing and i need to change, i go back to my drawing board and start defining what i love. What has been difficult for me over the years is to create one thing, or perhaps, have just one distinctive style. Because i simply freakin love all kinds of design and styles. So what i usually ask myself is: “What kind of design / visuals / make my heart skip?” For that, i will use Pinterest. Scrolling down my pins, i will set aside the pins that literally blow my mind and i feel connected with.

Once i’ve had enough, i’ll start writing key words and what makes each visual so special to me. Is it the colours, the style, the meaning? After spending on this a whole day last week, i’ve come to realise that i connect quite a lot with the concept “witch”. The key words i’ve written down (yes on my notebook) where: mystical, natural, dark, geometry, etherial, crystals, natural, folk, cats, 1920’s. And honestly, i don’t know why i hadn’t realised this before, but these are all the things that fuel my inspiration. So, i naturally created a new board and named it “The Season of the Witch” in order to store somewhere all the things i find inspiring, from photography, to colours, mood and illustrations.

A journal or two

I gave up writing on a calendar or keeping a notebook about two years now. It was time for me to embrace the age of technology and i’ve been using all things digital ever since. Quite frankly, i don’t miss it at all. I have everything i need in my phone at all times whether i’m carrying my bag or not.

What iPhone notes do can’t help me with however, is storing all the creative ideas in my mind somewhere. For about a year i kept notes and descriptions of concepts in my Notes, but never found it inspiring to look back at them and actually bring these concepts to life.

First of January, i grabbed my moroccan notebook (lucky me!) and turned it into a sketching journal. What i happily discovered, was that i ended up having even more ideas, and roughly sketching them makes me even more motivated to bring them to life. So yup kids, no matter how many digital notebooks you can download, nothing is like the real thing. Sketching on a journal makes you more inspired and more creative.


It’s never too late to learn

You might have noticed my new obsession with illustration, right? Well, i intend to build a little more on that! My first projects include a few artwork illustrations for Jason’s nursery and hopefully will evolve them into something interesting for my shop. The thing about creating new skills is that you find more mediums to express your imagination, and that my friends is wonderful! I haven’t picked up a specific course, just going with what my gut says and lots of practise and patience. There are a few tricks however on how work with illustration even if you have no idea how to draw. I’m thinking of turning this into a mini tutorial / course once i take my maternity break.

There will be loads of time then for me to focus on all the wonderful things i have to share with you!

Aside from illustrating, i’m planning to subscribe to a few podcasts, and take a few online courses myself. One that i’ve been very interested in was Melyssa’s Pinterest course. It’s so refreshing to see things from a different perspective and hear a different option. Makes you eager for a change, as well as learn a thing or two about what you thought you thought you already new.

  • Loved reading this! Very inspiring actually. My dream is to freelance actually but I’m still a student and in college so I kind of still have everything out there to explore and maybe I’ll really find a job that I’ll enjoy. But for now freelancing is a dream I’d like to have in the back of my mind.

    Hannie | Missing Wanderer

    • Thanks Arden! It was a pleasure to share 🙂 I hope you get to live the dream one day <3

  • This was amazing. I am hoping to set out on the route of full-time freelancing soon (fingers crossed) and these are awesome tips. I think it’s so helpful to always come back to the drawing board and redefine what I love and want to create. Your pinterest is amazing and HELL YES so excited about Season of the Witch!!! But you know me, girl haha.

    I sent you an email through your website so be on the lookout 🙂 I basically just ramble a lot and ask for advice so I’m sorry for that.

    So excited to see what’s next for you!


    • Thanks so much lady! Happy to hear you enjoyed reading it! Oh can’t believe i only just saw your comment! I replied to your comment the very next day, let me know if you received it!

  • These are such great ways to stay happy while freelancing! I especially love the freedom of redefining your style. That exercise you mentioned can apply to so many things in life!

    • Thanks Jennifer! I guess redefining your style is no one on my list as i get back to it again and again whenever i need to refresh things around here

  • I LOVE the idea of a creative day. I keep telling myself that this has to be the year I finally finishing writing my book, and that I need to set aside some time, but it’s very difficult when you need to make a living at the same time. You have inspired me though, I think I shall try and set aside a Thursday every week to work on my future career as a creative. Thanks lady!

    • It is so good! When Linda from mentioned it to me i thought it would be so difficult! But it actually is plausible and so life saving! You should totally try it

  • I’m also loooving the idea of taking a creative day!

  • This lettering is gorgeous! And I love the idea of making time for a creative day. I’m really hoping to transition to working from home this year and making room for a creative day is going to be a must! Thank you for the inspiration, today and always ????????

    • Aw you have the best days ahead of you Gabriella!

  • I have to agree with everything! This year I do plan on taking some time off to learn new things and document myself. Everything is moving so fast nowadays, it’s important to keep up to date 🙂 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  • Danielle Hall

    Such a great message to start the year off, and I agree with it all – especially the Personal Projects, Personal Style and Professional Development bits. I’ve recently been concentrating on these areas (which I have avoided for months) and I’m seeing the good stuff already – personally and professionally. We’re not just creatives for our clients, we’re creatives for ourselves xo

    @designandhula x

    • Thanks for your comment Danielle! Hope everything goes well with your personal goals, you can totally nail everything!

  • Thank you Emma, so kind of you to leave a comment! Currently trying to prioritise so i can make posts regular once again and more time for writing 🙂