Our Magical Weekend

Our Magical Weekend

We’ve been patiently waiting all winter for the first snowfall and this weekend, our wish was granted! But, things got even better, when we woke up to a snowy island Saturday morning. As far as i know, there hasn’t been so much snow everywhere (besides the mountain) since 2006. It was pure magic! You might have caught a glimpse on my Instagram stories, our yard and pretty much every inch on the island was covered in white fluffy powder.

It was close to impossible to limit myself to just a few pictures for this post, but rest assured i’m posting the most precious ones. Bella, was the lucky one who got a good 80% of the shots in my camera – she’ll be forever my muse. No one was happier to walk on the mountain on Sunday morning than her. She run around with her crazy eyes, stuffing her nose into the snow and peeing every other step.





And! My little bump is finally making a short appearance over here. I started taking weekly bump pictures just last Tuesday, as it you couldn’t quite tell i was pregnant before that. Finally the baby is starting to show a little, still teeny tiny! Wish i could wear a more elegant / chic outfit on our fancy trip, but as my husband says “safety first” lol which is why i’m dressed like a 7 year old.


We’ll be going back up next week and hopefully will get to see more of that. A log cabin in the woods, with a massive fireplace is all i’m dreaming right now.







  • Hajni Kele

    Aaaah! Amazingly beautiful!!! So lucky! I do miss the snow so much! But never mind winter wonderland. I had to scroll down to see a HUUUUUGE bump! You are a teaser! You look fantastic and certainly rock the 7 yrs old look lol:))))! Bella is a lucky girl!

    • Awwwwwww!!! It’s still a small bump from what people tell me! I still love it and feel like it’s massive ahah Thank you so much Hajni! :*

  • so beautiful. You guys look so happy, especially your dog hehe. 🙂

    • Ahah Bella was definitely the happiest of all of us!! Thank you Justine :*

  • So pretty! I’m dying for snow! It’s been FREEZING here, but no snow…which doesn’t make this weather enjoyable whatsoever!

    • Oh cold is not fun at all if it’s not snowing honestly! If there’s no snow, i need summer asap 😀 Hope you get to see some really soon lady!

  • Lol, you are so cute in that bump picture!! Rocking that 7 year old look like no other 🙂 These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, too!! Almost makes me want some snow here.

    • Hahah thank you so much! I SO wanted a chic photoshoot with a nice sweater and boots showing off lol Glad to hear it’s not that bad after all!

  • These photos are so gorgeous, especially the light! Bella is also beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Jane! Bella was so happy it almost made me cry haha

  • These pictures are amazing! I’m still waiting for a few snowflakes. x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    • Thank you Jessica! Hope you get them really soon!

  • WOW the snow is so beautiful, and the faint touches of orange just make this whole view insane! // Loving the weekly bump picture with the typography/pretty swirlies!! // Ahh your husband is gonna make such a great dad 🙂 Yes, safety first! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you so much Audrey!! There were bits of sunshine here and there and it made the whole scenery even much more magical than it already was! And Theo thanks you so much, such a sweet sweet thing to say! <3

  • Wow how gorgeous are these photos? I wish I would have been in that snow!

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  • Natasha

    Wow, stunning photos! Do you mind sharing which lense you use?

    • Thank you Natasha! This one was captured with a 18-140mm Nikon

  • so beautiful ♥

  • Corina, this really is the most magical weekend! And 100% agreed – safety first! 😉

    • ahah yeah, husbands always right! right?! 😀

  • I cannot wait to meet you guys to Linda!! You should come during the summer and stay until winter ahah