Botanical Inspiration | Love is Strong

Botanical Inspiration | Love is Strong

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of being bombarded by your own brain. I think it’s something rather common in our era. All the things you want to do, everything you want to achieve and it all piles up to one unreachable mountain? I bet everyone’s brains these days are working in full speed. From our own personal anxieties, to the stressful changes in world, good and bad.

I find myself quite often drowning in my thoughts, to do lists and sometimes yes, my own negativity and self doubt. But this morning while Theo and i were laughing about something stupid in the car, i realised one great but simple thing, that made everything seem lighter. We don’t have to go through it all on our own. Shit happens every day and i dare you to name one person who doesn’t have his own burden to carry.

But we all have love in our lives and i can’t think anything greater than that. There’s nothing you can’t go through with if you’re being loved. It will give you the strength and optimism to go through with anything that burdens you.

I’m not a Valentine’s Day type, but i have the need to dedicate my focus on love and spreading lots of it throughout the whole month. Then i can allow myself to crawl back to my little hole of misery every now and then 🙂 


Today’s scans are my favourite of them all. These roses had a satin feel and i couldn’t be happier that that’s exactly how they turned out here. You can right click save as iPhone and desktop wallpapers (the last pattern is on my screen right now and it feels so romantic!). Kindly remember, they’re meant for personal use as always.




  • Simply & beautiful ❤️

  • I definitely know that feeling and your scans go beautifully with the sense of being a little gentler with oursleves in the tough times and the idea of there being a soft/light beauty in the darkness of our minds.

    – Natalie

    • Thank you Natalie, i absolutely love the way you described this post 🙂

  • I can relate! I don’t have another half at the moment but the love from my friends and mum are helping me a lot. Beautiful artwork once again 🙂 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    • Thank you so much Jessica!! Friends and family are all you need!

  • Gorgeous gorgeous photos first of all!

    Second, I wish I would have read this post last week (majorly needed it), but ended up having that same realization on my own. It’s so true– beyond easy these days to throw items on the to do list and point out all of the things you need to be doing better, etc. I do it all the time, but taking a step back and remembering all the positive things in life propelling us forward and how everything always falls into place, is so comforting.

    • I’m sure you would find your way!! I mean these thoughts are thoughts we all have, we just need to take a second to reflect on things 🙂

  • I’m not big on Valentine’s Day either, except for cookies, but the world certainly needs more love! Love that second sentence in the third paragraph. I also love how subtle the leaves are in the first and third photos! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • This post is beautiful, Corina. You’re so right. We don’t have to go through it alone – love is all around us in the craziest, most wonderful ways.

    • Thank you Gabriella! Happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it 😀

  • Thank you Mackenzie!

  • Only just saw this, but gosh these are so beautiful xx