I know i haven’t been the best with posting this year – and for a good reason! But there’s no way i wouldn’t post a 2018 calendar. It’s our little tradition for so many years now. This year, i thought i’d try the circle calendar version and boy did i love the challenge. Surprisingly, it was the easiest to design as well. I’ve already sent mine to print in an A3 size on black paper with gold foil of course.

The format is super easy too. Once you reach to a point you can’t read the dates, you can flip the print and voila!

I’m sharing the pdf files with you, that you can use the same as well. Print on any type of paper you want, any color and any foil. Oh, the combinations you can create! Hope this year brings the best with its arrival, we surely need a good year!

download here


Preferably print in A3 size in order to make sure that everything is readable. The file is in A3 format. Everything is vector, so feel free to give it to a printer for foiling and your choice of paper. For your own printer, i’ve created two versions black and gold.

Black Version / Gold Version


* Personal use only guys, thanks! 

My head is full of these Valentine, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Mc Queen tulle embroidered dresses. Don’t you want a few of them? They are truly everything i ever dreamt of. They definitely play a huge part in my totem line art inspiration.

Lately, i’ve been aching for a new ink on my body and i think i might have the one idea that is right for me. Three constellations, Leo, Pisces and Taurus on the back of my arm. I’m not quite sure the style i will design it in, but it’s definitely going to be something magical and mysterious. So here’s i am, starting with my favourite sign Taurus. Jason’s sign

Oh i've waited for so long for this post!! I started designing the invitations quite early, in September actually, because i knew that it would take us forever to actually print and send them. And we still haven't.. oops! So if any of our family and friends are reading this post.. ta da!! You'll soon receive yours.

I'm am SO excited for this event to be quite honest. It's like all my birthdays and Christmases in one. Having everyone we love and care for join us to meet Jason and celebrate him and his name. Naturally, i want this day to be unforgettable and perfect, so i've designed and planned everything till the very last detail.

Will have to do my best not to share everything, but imagine an evening ceremony in July, dinner in candlelights, a naked teepee dressed with leaves, bird cages full of baby’s breath and oh so much more magic. My theme is enchanted forest, so there might be some deer and bunnies here and there. I really wanted to keep everything pure, innocent, magical and woodsy.

Oh hello winter! Colder days are already here. The Christmas tree is up, fire burning in the wood stove and us sitting on the couch working once Jason falls asleep for the night. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I vividly remember how last winter was cold and heavy on me, but experiencing it with the a little guy is so much different!

We saw the first snow on the mountain today and hopefully Jason will see his first snowfall if it doesn’t melt away.

On a sidenote, don’t you just love a moody weather on the beach? It always gets me with these dark clouds contrasting the bright blue waters.

Download the wallpaper here

I went on a little Instagram rant just a couple days ago. You see, the gold algorithm subject that has viciously affected so many finally pushed my buttons. It wasn’t about the numbers and views, oh no, i couldn’t care less about those. I mean, i don’t post regularly either way so i totally get why people wouldn’t engage. But even though i’m behind the scenes these days, i got eyes and ears everywhere.

Long story short, what’s bothering me is the way my  home feed is laid out. Good God, if you watched my stories you’d have seen the screen rec i did with the same and same brands showing up and then 6 posts in row by instagram – one – after – the – other. It is a delicate subject because these days i truly feel socially (media) old. I’ve been around since Instagram wasn’t a thing and our phones weren’t used as cameras.

I’ve missed interacting and actually seeing my oldest Instagram friends pop up and felt completely bombarded with all these ads and brands that i followed for pure inspiration. In the 30 minutes in a day i have to spend, i don’t need that. So how is this algorithm actually for our own benefit? Sorry, don’t see it.

Last few thoughts on how everything has changed. When social media didn’t matter and we just had our blogs. And then we used social media to attract audience to our blogs and now using social media to built careers. Oh things change so fast and the need to slow down pops up in every corner.

Late night shenanigans, when Jason is asleep. Forever inspired by the moon energy and of course my representing Season of the Witch Pinterest board. Wanted to play with something a little darker and mysterious, noir aesthetic for this one. I couldn’t decide in the end which version i liked, so i’m sharing them all with you 🙂 The totem one is currently my phone wallpaper.

Everything is based on a picture i took a couple of years ago and was laying around in my vsco library. Until.. i was out of things to pin and stories to watch this weekend and played around a bit. Kinda ready to bring back a little more darkness and mystery in my life again. Let’s say i started with a black tulle dress with silver sequins that resemble a lot of my totems <3