December Snow

December Snow

Happiest December 1st dear friends! Let the cosiest and most cheerful month begin. We already have our Christmas tree up for a whole month now (sorry not sorry) but as of yesterday the temperature dropped to 4 degrees (that’s 39 in F) and we had officially our first snow up on the mountain. That means that we can officially start listening to Christmas music, lighting up more candles and watching Christmas movies. Polar Express, i’m looking at you!

This little gif is slightly different from what i usually do. But i woke up dreaming snow outside our window, Christmas lights and dark mystical wallpapers. And this, is as close as i can get to what i imagined!

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful start to the Holiday Season!

  • This is so dreamy and gorgeous! I’m so excited for this month. Just two more weeks left of school, and then I can throw myself into all the festivities! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • This gif is so nice, I love the color palette x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    • Thank you Jessica! I was picturing of how and where i’d want to see the first snow haha

  • i love your work <3

  • oh my god. how did you do this?!?!?!?!!? Is it a GIF? LOVE IT

    • Yes! I used After Effects to make it smoother otherwise i would freak out if i need to move the snow pixel by pixel aha

  • Love this! So beautiful.

  • Ooh this is so pretty! Aah it’s blazing hot here, I wish I could do a white Christmas!

    • Well i can’t say summer with Christmas isn’t interesting though!!

  • I love this atmosphere! On Monday I came to work to see that someone has already put the Christmas decorations on. There were tiny wooden Christmas trees with lights on every desk, soft pillows with Christmas prints and fabulous tablecloth in the kitchen. Everything made of natural materials, in subdued, neutral colors. We were all so happy to see that, we spontaneously started singing “Last Christmas” 🙂

    • Oh my goodness that’s so adorable! And what’s best than the most beautiful traditional wooden decorations?! How cozy!

  • I love this, Corina! You’re right – December really is the coziest month of the year and I love it so much. Yay for holiday music & snow-topped mountains!

  • ari michael

    I dislike the cold but I love the glistening snow so much! I’m also excited to watch Christmas movies especially since ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas is airing!

    • Yeah i agree with you! Cold can be so annoying if you’re not warmly clothed with a cozy scarf and beanie and enjoying the snow!

  • rae

    I absolutely love this gif so much! It is so festive and the falling snow outside the window feels so cozy! And I need to get my Christmas tree still! And ah yes it really is that time to start putting the xmas music on!!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Thanks Rae! I truly hope this is how i’ll experience Christmas this year 🙂 Next to a fireplace as well haha

  • Such beautiful Gif !
    Have a great & beautiful December too 🙂

  • Kat

    This is really beautiful! I’m going to try and put it as my ipad background tomorrow 🙂

    • How awesome! I don’t think the quality will be great though as the size was massive for the gif.. let me know and i can send you a link for a better download

      • Kat

        Hi Corina! You’re so lovely for saying that but actually I don’t need it because it looks great on both my phone and iPad, no distortion at all even though it was originally a gif.
        Hope you are doing well!

        • Such awesome news! Yay 🙂 hope you enjoy it x

  • So beautiful! Happy December! xo

  • Thanks Crhistienne! Happy December to you too

  • Happy December to you! Soon I will have full Pinterest of your beautiful graphics 🙂

    • Sweetest complement ever Barbora! Thank you!

  • Thank you very much 🙂

  • Aw, how lovely! Makes me feel warm and cheery inside!

    • Aw! that’s so nice to hear, that’s exactly what i wanted to achieve 🙂