A huge hug to all my dearest friends! It’s been a week since i last blogged as i was away on a quick trip, and oh how i missed blogging and catching up with you. I was pretty certain i would be able to blog while away, but as always that’s as impossible as me riding a broomstick.

November is here, and it’s finally a lot gloomier today! We just came back from our trip with new Christmas ornaments and will be putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow! We might be the crazy few who start decorating more than a month before Christmas, but it’s all about the cozy, warm vibes these days you know?

As for my little butterfly on this graphic, i must have spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to incorporate my beloved botanicals on top of the N. Not very Christmassy but there’s something light about it that just makes me happy!

  • This is beautiful, Corina. And you can add me to that basket of crazies because we’re getting ready to put ours up & bring out all of our Christmas decorations too! I might classify a different kind of crazy because I was dancing around the house to Christmas music the other day to get in the Christmas spirit (I probably shouldn’t admit that) haha!! ????

    • Hah, who can resist the Christmas spirit right?? We were just saying yesterday how we wish it was Christmas all year round!

  • Beautiful work as always, christmas vibes or not! We are gearing up for summer here although we’ve had our fair share of gloomy days this spring! So ready for Christmas though so I hope you’ll share your decorations as I’d love to see them. I still haven’t figured out how to decorate our house as this is our first Christmas in our new home. So we shall see!

    • Thanks so much kate! I’m sure i’ll share a pic or two on Twitter ahah the cozy vibes are just making us so happy!

  • We missed you too. You know a lot of my friends back home already put the tree up too. Can you believe I’ve never done Christmas myself, as an adult. After I left home and came here, I never did it. This will be my FIRST year, and Talal’s first xmas, I am excited. My hubby is going to Dubai for a week in a few days and I’ve asked him to grab any xmas stuff he sees, they don’t have anything like that at all here.

    • Oh i wish i could see how your Christmas tree turns out! I’ve never seen how trees and decorations are in Dubai!

  • ari michael

    I can’t wait to start christmas decorating! This is the first year I have a place to myself so I’m excited to let my imagination take over. I love the butterfly graphic! It’s super pretty.

    • Oh i bet it’s going to feel so good decorating your own place. I’m sure it will turn out magical!

  • Haha there’s still plenty of time for Christmassy designs ;P And anyways, there no such thing as too many botanicals! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Ah that’s music to my ears! Thanks Audrey <3

  • Putting up the Christmas tree a month ahead? I’m all in, it’s never too soon to be in a festive mood x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • Oh my, this is so pretty!
    Also, I love that you’re putting up your Christmas tree already. I’ll probably have to wait until the start of December. x

    • Hah we already did it feels so good! We won’t be spending Christmas in our house this year, just like last year. So we thought why not enjoy the Christmas tree at least?