If you know me well, you’ll probably know how much i hate being secretive. I’m always the worst when it comes to keeping personal exciting things away from everyone else. From the beginning of Fall, Theo and i have been working on some extraordinary secret projects that i simply cannot share with you. I normally would have already, but after dealing with other designers stealing concepts / ideas / actual artwork, i had to necessary evolve and keep all the big stuff to myself until it’s the right time. Kinda hating if you ask me. The whole fun is to share your happiness and process right?

These projects of ours, include lots of new skills, good old designing from my side and lots of icon making. Which is why i’m sharing a Halloween inspired set i did this morning. Sadly, my shop has been left a little behind, there’s only so much one person can do! I’m secretly hoping i’ll be able to have a calendar ready for the new year, but who knows?

Lots of exciting news and revealing them in November! I’m cherishing every single days these weeks, as they mean so much to us. Can’t wait to tell you all about everything!

Can’t believe it’s the Halloween week already! I feel like sobbing for just a second because it went by so fast, and i wish i had stopped for a bit to enjoy it. Nevertheless, i intend to make most of this week, with squeezing some Halloween inspired artworks, Hocus Pocus on my noon breaks and let’s not forget Harry Potter every night of the week.


I’ve been lighting up candles every night and Theo has been teasing me about the crazy amount of pumpkins we have in our living room. And wait, until we spray paint them gold haha. We were supposed to carve the spookiest faces on a couple of them this weekend, but laziness got the best of us. Instead a lot of couch and tv was involved, and candle lighting of course.


Halloween week plans are pretty much the best aren’t they?

We’re already half way through Autumn, and somehow my mind is still in the summer. Could be part of the fact that living on an island, all the best things you can do are during the summer season. And trust me, this one was definitely the best we ever had! So many people, mostly family, so many different places to explore and so many new adventures.

Even though i always considered myself a homebody, i’ve realised i’m more of an outdoorsy kind of type! Summer and October came and gone, and with all kinds of changes in our life, plus tons of work, we haven’t been outside home much. More like not at all, which is mostly the reason i’m laying low on Instagram these days. Not many exciting things to post about, since i’m mostly staying indoors.

So on Friday, i kept my schedule clear and instead we hit the beach, where i could sit and write one of the newest Courses. Not a great idea to be quite honest, as the sea and serenity was all so distracting, i ended up putting my laptop down and enjoying the view. Early this summer i had it all figured out, and now, here i am trying to adjust into new routines and different seasons.

What has helped me a lot with the season change, was a bit of decoration. Pumpkins, vases of dried red leave, candles in the dark and a bowl full of acorns. Hot chocolate and evening walks with Bella in the forest.

What’s your favourite thing that calms you down, and helps you stayed focused and relaxed in your everyday life? Would love to hear some seasonal tips!

Well you can’t have a spooky October without black cats, right? This was probably the easiest piece i’ve ever worked on. Took me about an hour during today’s break and the fun part was how i didn’t even do any revisions. Normally, i create like 20 different versions to make up my mind, but with this one, it was just 3 and i knew straight away i loved this kitty.


A little bit of mystical, little magical and tribal. Probably the concept is the moon and the stars behind the kitties eyes. In this case, the moon is on her forehead and the stars are all over her face.


You know, my friend Rita, has a soft spot for black cats. She once read that black kittens are the last to be adopted just because there’s this prejudice about how they bring bad luck. To me, they are the most beautiful, panther like, luxurious incredible creatures. I think i’ve grown a soft spot for black cats after that story too!

Today, was such an exiting morning! If you’re following on Twitter or we’re friends on Facebook, you’ll know the incredible package i received from my dearest Mianra. You remember the brand identity + packaging i worked with her right? Well, I really felt the love today, never before so cared for and loved. Honestly, i cried a little, as she not only sent me every little thing she has in her marvellous shop, but created with love special products just for me, as i have a special condition. Even printed custom labels, with cute instructions, named as “Corina’s 100% Pure Argan Oil”. How can you not feel special?

I’ve talked about creating beautiful relationships with your clients in the past, and how this is my very favourite part. Creating bonds, working with talented people, that in the end turn out to be lifelong friends. The kind of relationships, that you can chat about personal stuff, and be friends long after you stop working. I feel that, when you do what you love, you love the people you do it with, it’s unavoidable. Later today i chatted with Linda from Kinlake, on how precious this is, however not every client you will work with will feel the same. Sadly, i’ve had my share of bad experiences, and people i just can’t seem to have a good communication or click with. I’m big girl, i can work professionally, i don’t have to be best friends with everyone right? But in reality, these are the kind of projects that make me inspired, both when designing and in my daily life!

But is there really a way, that you can filter the people inquiring to work with you, and see if you’re going to be a good match? Well..here are a few thoughts. 


01. Test their humour levels

There was this design studio’s blog post i read a few years ago. Won’t name them, as i’m not 100% sure it was actually them, don’t want to falsely point out fingers. They did something rather brilliant. In their contact form, they included silly questions or complete the sentence like fields. Something like, “If i was a fruit, i would be…” or “If i find a coin i will…”

To me, this is an incredible way to analyse the person you’re talking to. Whether, they have imagination, sense of humour, if they’re stiff or tense. You will see who has the most difficult time expressing themselves, who is more analytical. Mind that it translates to how easily they will be able to express their feelings about your work as well as give you exact feedback.

What i’ve done so far, is to include a fan part in my questionnaire with questions like, “If i were an animal i would be..” etc. Gathered them carefully from character quizzes. That way, i’m able to see inside them, make them relax, get to know a few more personal things about them. It sparks everyone’s imagination.



One question i’ve never thought asking my clients, is have you seen my portfolio? Most of the times, people who already know my work, have been following me on social media, read my blog or seen my work on Pinterest, are the kind of people who get in touch. However, some inquiry emails are a little less “personal”. They might have been referred to me by someone who knows me, or may simply bumped into my blog or something like that. My advice to you, is always ask them to take a look at your previous work, and inlcude your clients of note in your welcome kit.

They might just want a designer who will create what they have in mind, leaving you zero creativity, having zero trust in your skills – because they don’t know who you are and what you’re capable of. And of course, in the end they might not even like your style.

What you want, is to work with people, who know you, admire and respect your work, and have complete faith in you. That’s the kind of environment a designer does hers/his best work.


03. Are you Made for each other?

Aesthetics! Style! These are the kind of things you need to know beforehand, to see if they’re the perfect fit for you. Mind you, it could be the other way around, but you’re in the privilege position to choose your projects, and create the best of work that represents you. The work that is 100% you, will go in your portfolio and will attract a dozens more. So choose your projects wisely.

To that, all you can do is either create a small questionnaire for them to fill in once they send the enquiry, seen your rates and process and are interested in working with you. It could contain quick questions, as in adding 3-4 images and brands they find inspiring, favourite trends, and as well as the funny little questions i talked about on No.1.

Your clients will seek fast work, and most of the times have tight deadlines. If they’re not willing to spend 10 minutes to connect with you, and give you what you need, trust me, you’re better off without them. They won’t have time for the project in the future either, will delay feedbacks, won’t have time for proper feedbacks, and we all know what that means. A messy outcome.




So don’t be afraid to ask the right questions beforehand. You’ll save yourself tons of time, not to mention work on projects you really love, with amazing people that will end up giving you the best collaborations of your life.

I swear i spend more and more time on my blog posts these days than ever before! Even though i don’t blog on a daily basis anymore, i spend hours and hours completing these designs. Seems like i’m becoming more of a perfectionist as i grow older. Or simply that i want to do the best i can i guess!

October is here, and it’s always my VERY favourite month! Most of all for Fall finally settling in, and the best thing ever, Halloween. At times i pity myself for being so obsessed with this holiday and at the same time never having celebrated it. But give me skulls, spooky things, pumpkins, candles and you have the happiest girl on earth.

Being inspired by a Zara skirt with some folk art, i wanted to create something sugar skull inspired. Dark and vibrant at the same time. Must have spent almost 10 hours working on this piece just for the pure joy of it, and to give you and me both a nice Halloween wallpaper. Can’t wait for tomorrow already as Theo is taking me to a pumpkin(s) run. This girl is going to decorate the whole house with pumpkins, bake pumpkin cookies, cake and tea and everything pumpkin nice!


Download Folk Sugar Skull Wallpaper

In Black and in Blue

*Personal Use Only. Sorry guys, but you can’t sell this art.